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Computer Based Interactive Learning System

Chapter I The Problem and Its Background Introduction A computer based interactive learning mathematics system program created as a learning tool; lecture tutorials help people new skills by using a step by step process. Interactive tutorial deals effectively with students who exhibit challenging behaviors; it is also an important approach to such problems from a research validated theoretical perspective. Interactive lecture tutorial provides basic introduction to the behavioral model.

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By understanding and applying the behavioral model, it could increase the livelihood of intervening with problem behaviors andit is appropriate for a wide variety of personnel who work with students and exhibit challenging behaviors such as regular education teachers, special education teachers, school psychologist, school administration, counselor and pre-service teachers. On the other hand, the proponents wanted to provide reliable learning application that would help the existing manual process of learning to its learners. This is through the development of computer-based instruction system in mathematics of PLT preparatory school.

Objectives of the research project To design, developed, and tryout an M-TB-ML computer-based interactive learning mathematics competencies among kinder pupils in PLT College Incorporated. The interactive material will be in tagalog. Specifically the research project aims: 1. To identify the existing infractural materia (in pront form) used in learning mathematics for kinder pupils. 2. 3. To try this among a small group of pupils to determine its effort on their learning and enjoyment. Theoretical and Analytical Framework The paradigm shows the implementation of computer-based instruction system.

This learning process design is a break-through in the field of education. With this, it provides accessibility, reliability and credibility to learners through efficient method, strategy and technique of instruction procedures. * Method * Strategy * Technique * Accessibility * Reliability * Credibility Computer – Based Instruction System in Mathematics of PLT Preparatory School Significance of the Study This study is significant to PLT Preparatory School. Specifically, it is very beneficial to the following entities: Pupils – could have easier understanding that would relate well in the learning process.

Teachers – could lessen the burden in the manual lessons preparation such as visual aids and test questions. Researchers – could provide reliable tool that enhances its learning process. Future researchers – could be an essential guideline and basis for future studies in line with tutorial design. Scope and Delimitation The proposed computer-based interactive learning mathematics limit itself for the preparatory school. When it comes to learning process, the integration of multimedia (e. g. sounds, videos) and animation (e. g. objects) is very much included for reliable delivery of lessons.

In the assessment process, examination is integrated with a friendly user approach through multiple of choices to learners. Progress chart for every learner is provided for monitoring purposes by teachers. Definition of Terms Computer-based – According to wiseGEEK (2013) stated as a term that can be used to describe virtually any kind of learning program using computers as a central staple. This approach to learning takes advantage of the interactive elements of computer software, along with the computer’s ability to present many different kinds of media.

Lesson Delivery – It is a systematic method/procedure of instruction to learners with the objective of imparting reliable knowledge. Lesson Accessibility – A method of instruction delivery that is easy for learners to adopt. On the other hand, it is a method that is internet-base delivery of instruction to learners. Lesson Reliability – It refers to the content of instruction that contains consistent knowledge to learners. Method – It is a set of procedures that teachers utilize in the learning process to learners. Preparatory School – This is a level category in education that focuses on kids learning environment.

Strategy – A method or plan chosen to bring about a desired future, such as achievement of a goal or solution to a problem (Business Dictionary. com, 2013). System – A set of detailed methods, procedures and routines created to carry out a specific activity, perform a duty, or solve a problem (Business Dictionary, 2013). Technique –  a procedure used to accomplish a specific activity or task (Wikipedia, 2013). Teaching Process – are those things undertaken by the teacher in order to promote and support learning by the students (Webb, 2013). Teaching Tool – It is a device or instruments that can help in the teaching process to students.