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Comparing Old & New Terrorism

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1.1 Background

In the countdown to the end of the twentieth century, notable scholars came up with a new concept of ‘New Terrorism’ which represents a shift from the traditional terrorism. The ‘new terrorism’ ‘refers to a qualitative change in the nature of terrorism, which has allegedly taken place during the 1990s’ (Kurtulus 2007:476). This paradigm has also been variously referred to as ‘contemporary terrorism’ (Laqueur 2003) ‘post-modern terrorism’, ‘super-terrorism’, ‘catastrophic terrorism’ and ‘hyper-terrorism’ (Field 2009). This dissertation intends to undertake the examination of this paradigm shift. It intends to examine the various sources if there is indeed a ‘New Terrorism’ as canvassed by some scholars and policy makers. It would do this by doing a case study of Irish Republican Army, or the IRA and Al Qaeda representing each group.

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Comparing Old & New Terrorism

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1.2 Aims and Objectives

In this section, the research aims, objectives, and research questions will be outlined. Firstly, the aim of this research is as follows:

To ensure that this aim is fully explored, the following research objectives have been devised:

How are the emerging forms of terrorism different from the traditional methods
How should the existing counterterrorism infrastructure be amended in order to meet the challenges of the modern age

1.3 Research Questions

The research question is as follows:

What are the new forms of terrorism and what factors created them
What are the key factors that have contributed to the success of these new terrorist practices
Is the current counterterrorist system capable of dealing with the emerging terrorist threat

To seek to explore this aim, research question and these objectives, a review of the literature will be undertaken to explore these areas have experienced change over time. The findings from this review will be used to explore and examine the research aim, objectives and question. To ensure that this is appropriately undertaken the following topics will be discussed in the review:

1.4 Scope of the Study

A study of the Irish Republican Army will be undertaken in comparison to the modern operations of the recognized terrorist agency Al Qaeda.

1.5 Structure of the Study

This study will be comprised of 6 sections including the introduction, literature review, and methodology, case study analysis, Discussion, Conclusion.

2 Literature Review

The section will review relevant literature as regards the proposed research.

2.1 Defining Terrorism and emerging forms of Terrorism

2.2 Factors that contributed to Terrorism’s Success

2.3 Current prevention and enforcement options


3. Methodology

This chapter illustrates the research methodology used as well as providing a brief introductory passage regarding the meaning of research methodology.

3.1 Introduction

The methodology focuses on an explanation of the qualitative and quantitative research approaches considered for this thesis to answer the following questions:

How are the emerging forms of terrorism different from the traditional methods
How should the existing counterterrorism infrastructure be amended in order to meet the challenges of the modern age

This includes the elements of the research approach adopted and the reasons behind this choice.

3.2 Methods of Data Collection

Secondary sources dating from the operation of the Irish Republican Army as well as year to date operations of Al Qaeda will provide the required range of data for assessment.

3.2.1 Case Study Analysis

Yin (2009) contends that the case study analysis strategy is a valid tool for providing empirical content. This method of research allows for an investigation into the real world impact of terrorism. Others contend that the case study is not always the best strategic analysis approach (Baxter and Jack 2008). However, Stake (1995) demonstrates that a case study can provide understanding and increase the capacity for understanding.

The approach for this dissertation will utilize a qualitative, interpretative research method; a case study examination of the Irish Republican Army and Al Qaeda. Yin (2009) demonstrates that the exploratory case study method can be used to examine situations in which there is no defined outcome. This research will rest on the goal to identify challenges and lessons for future. For the purposes of this research, the qualitative research approach is more suitable due to capacity to assess the wide ranging nature the terrorist conditions.

Case Study

This section will present a case study examination of the Irish Republican Army in comparison to the operations of Al Qaeda.

4.1 Irish Republican Army formation factors

Ryanair and (another airline of your choice)

4.2 Effectiveness of the IRA methods

4.3 Al Qaeda formation factors

4.4 Effectiveness of the IRA methods

4.5 Trends

4.8 Discussion

(Tie the case study to the literature review)

5. Conclusion
7. References

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