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Company Background of Broadway Circuit

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Broadway Cinema was first established in the 1950s and was rebuilt in the existing location, Sai Yeung Choi St. , Mongkok, in 1987. Thereafter, Broadway Circuit has gradually developed to nowadays the largest cinema circuit in Hong Kong. Being operated by Edko Films Ltd, the circuit consists of 11cinemas across the territory, covering all the major locations in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories.

By the 53 screens we offer, their customers are able to choose from a wide range of movies upon their tastes and interests. Since 1999, Broadway Circuit has launched www. cinema. com. hk, which provides updated movie information and a platform for movie discussion. Inquiry hotline and email address were also set up to enhance customer communication for improving our service. Internet ticketing and phone ticketing services were launched from 2000 onwards. Moviegoers can select their favorable seat anytime at their convenience. dsfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffsm,nds,m fnds,mfnsdm,fnm,sdn fm,dnsmgnbs n mgb mn sfdbgm nfb sgnmbfdmnfbdgmnbs fdm, ngbfdmn b smn,bg mn fd bsg mnf s dbg mnds Archaeological studies support a human presence in the Chek Lap Kok area from 35,000 to 39,000 years ago, and in Sai Kung Peninsula from 6,000 years ago. [44][45][46] Wong Tei Tung and Three Fathoms Cove are the two earliest sites of human habitation in the Palaeolithic period. It is believed the Three Fathom Cove was a river valley settlement and Wong Tei Tung was a lithic manufacturing site.

Excavated Neolithic artefacts suggest cultural differences from the Longshan culture in northern China and settlement by the Che people prior to the migration of the Baiyue. [47][48] Eight petroglyphs were discovered on surrounding islands, which dated to the Shang Dynasty in China. [49] In 214 BC, Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China, conquered the Baiyue tribes in Jiaozhi (modern Liangguang region) and incorporated the territory into imperial China for the first time. Modern Hong Kong is located in Nanhai commandery (modern Nanhai District) and near the ancient capital city Pun Yue. 50][51][52] The area was consolidated under the kingdom of Nanyue, founded by general Zhao Tuo in 204 BC after the Qin Dynasty collapsed. [53] When the kingdom was conquered by Emperor Wu of Han in 111 BC, the land was assigned to the Jiaozhi commandery under the Han Dynasty. Archaeological evidence indicates the population increased and early salt production flourished in this time period. Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb in the Kowloon Peninsula is believed to have been built during the Han Dynasty. [54] During the Tang Dynasty period, the Guangdong region flourished as a regional trading center.

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Company Background of Broadway Circuit

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In 736, Emperor Xuanzong of Tang established a military town in Tuen Mun to defend the coastal area in the region. [55] The first village school, Li Ying College, was established around 1075 in the New Territories under the Northern Song Dynasty. [56] During the Mongol invasion in 1276, the Southern Song Dynasty court moved to Fujian, then to Lantau Island and later to Sung Wong Toi (modern Kowloon City), but the child Emperor Huaizong of Song committed suicide by drowning with his officials after being defeated in the Battle of Yamen.

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