Communication Unit 6 Lesson 1

Listeners are more likely to understand, follow, and remember a speech that is well planned and ordered.
Determining audience members’ psychographics is an important step in deciding on a suitable speech topic.
As long as someone has created a web page, they are considered a credible source to include in a speech.
If a speaker is not sure whether he/she wants to inform or persuade the audience members during a presentation, he/she should just combine the two approaches.
If at all possible, a speaker should choose a speech topic that is new to him/her.
In speeches to entertain the primary objective is to:
all of the above
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Though public speaking is enlarged conversation, there are two distinct differences that separate it from other forms of communication. These differences include:
Greater responsibility to plan and prepare
Less interaction
A good introduction does which of the following
captures the listeners’ attention, motivates the audience to listen, provides the thesis statement, and enhances the speaker’s credibility
Scholarly articles (peer-reviewed) often have higher credibility than the popular ones (articles from magazines like the ones seen on the racks in the grocery store). Scholarly articles usually:
Have titles that include words like “journal” or “quarterly”
The main idea of the entire speech is:
a thesis statement