Comm Exam 1

Communication skills, including public speaking, are often more important to employers than a job candidate’s undergraduate major.
Texting, tweeting, and other forms of electronic communication have significantly reduced the need for public speaking.
1. The teaching and study of public speaking began more than 4,000 years ago.
1. Both public speaking and conversation involve adapting to listener feedback.
1. Public speaking requires the same method of delivery as ordinary conversation.
1. Public speaking usually requires more formal language than everyday conversation.
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As a speaker you can usually assume that an audience will be interested in what you have to say
Speakers who think positively about themselves and the speech experience are more likely to overcome their stage fright that are speakers who think negatively.
Most nervousness public speakers feel internally is not visible to their listeners
The Channel is the room in which speech communication takes place
Sophists were
Greek tutors who were paid by the rich to educate their children
held a love of wisdom and believe that truth is found through ethical speech
Two of the best remembered and respected philosophers in world history are
Plato and Aristotle
Aristotle related ethos to the study of ethics while pathos referred to
an emotional appeal to audience
To say that public speaking is a way to make a difference about something we care about is to recognize that public speaking is
a form of empowerment
Many of the skills used in public speaking are the same as those used in everyday conversation. These skills include
all of the above
When you experience stage fright, your body is producing extra , a hormone that is released into the bloodstream in response to physical or mental stress
Rather than trying to eliminate every trace of stage fright, you should aim at transforming it into
positive nervousness
Which of the following is a recommended way to deal with stage fright?
all of the above
When you employ the power of visualization as a method of controlling stage fright you should
focus on the positive aspects of your speech
Heather was in the midst of an excellent speech on campus history when she made a
minor mistake by giving the wrong date for the opening of a campus building. She suddenly stopped speaking and said, “Oh, I messed up.” Then she provided the correct date. The rest of her speech went well, but all she could think about afterward was her mistake. What is the major piece of advice from your textbook that Heather needs to be reminded about?
there is no such thing as a perfect speech
Whatever a speaker communicates to someone else is termed the
The means by which a message is communicated is termed the
Let me explain that point again to make sure its clear
adapting to feedbacl