Comm 1040

Seven truths about the media
The Media are essential Components of our lives
There are no mainstream Media
Everything from the margin moves to the center
Nothing is “New”
New media are always scary
Activism and analysis are not the same thing
There is no “they”
Mass Communication
Communication across society
Group Comm.
Communication within a community
Interpersonal Communication
Communication one-on-one
Intrapersonal Comm.
Communication within yourself
How we socially interact at a number of levels through messages
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The process of educating young people and new members about the values , social norms and knowledge of a group or society
the value of moderation in all things
NBC and CBS have been in the center of the Janet Jackson “Wardrobe Malfunction”
Marshall McLuhan
best known for his statement “The Medium is the Message”
Chris Anderson
describes media economics as having a “long tail” and a “short head”
Media now travel with us everywhere
the Gannett Corporation, Inc and Clear Channel Comm.
Two of the major players in the American media market that illustrate the strong concentration of ownership in individual media.
Voters with strong opinions are likely to change them because of media effects
Barbara Ringer
The person most responsible for creating the fair use doctrine for American copyright law
First Amendment
The belief that Americans should be allowed to freely express themselves originated with
The John Peter Zenger Case
Established truth as an absolute defense against libel
USA Patriot Act.
Passed by Congress following the 9/11 attacks which expanded the ability of the FBI to look into people’s media use and tap their phones
any published statement that unjustifiable exposes someone to ridicule or contempt
The truth is not always clear
Why truth is not always an effective defense against libel
Gertz v. Roberts
Established the actual malice standard in libel law applied to public figures as well as public officials
A Gag order
What did the Supreme court suggest judges to participants in the trial after overturning the Sam Sheppard conviction?
United States v. Noriega
Court ruled cable news channel could be dropped temporarily from broadcasting tape recordings of conversations between a criminal defendant and his lawyer in which case?
Prior Restraint
Several newspapers were initially prevented from printing the pentagon papers
Roth v. United States
Ruling: Obscenity is not protected by the first amendment
28 Years
The first U.S. copy right protected for how long
FCC’s Equal Time Provision
requires that stations give all candidates equal access to non-news air time
The first amendment does not protect people from being sued for statements that are what?
They are considered a statement of opinion
Editorial Cartoons are given protection
New York Times v. Sullivan
A Newspaper can claim it is not libel and defends itself using which case?
Invasion of privacy-misappropriation
Lady Gaga sued a company for using her name for a clothing line using what grounds?
Invasion of privacy-intrusion
A photographer goes onto private property and takes a picture of a woman sunbathing, she can sue on what grounds?
a religious or philosophical code of behavior
a rational means of decision making when both alternatives are equally attractive or unattractive
Aristotle’s “golden mean”
Ethical behavior comes from striking a balance between excess and defect
Kant’s “categorical imperative”
You should act as though what you do will become universal law
John Stuart mill’s “utilitarianism”
That which is virtuous provides the greatest happiness for the greatest number
“veil of ignorance”
Justice is possible when decisions are made without consideration the social status of the people involved
covering events that are lurid and highly emotional
El Nuevo Herald
Newspaper that caused a great deal of controversy for running a computer manipulated photo that showed prostitutes in Cuba soliciting tourists while police looked on
It ran an article about how to negotiate a better deal on a new car
Why did car dealers pull their ads from the San Jose Mercury News?
involves making decisions where no answer seems to be acceptable
Aristotle’s golden rule
When a reporter makes the decision to talk to sources on two sides of an issue, he is making use of what?
John Stuart Mill’s principle of utility
A reporter decides to put the good of the public at large over the needs of the victim’s family, they are making use of what?
Examples of potential corporate conflict of interest
-giving positive coverage of a charity event being chaired by the golfing buddy of your newspaper’s publisher
-covering a sports franchise owned by the same parent company as your television station
-reporting about another media corporation your parent company partners with
A pill company
Which type of company would be held to the highest standard?
Associated press photographer Richard Drew justified the publishing of the disturbing photos he took on 9/11 by saying they were history in the making
An example of a conflict of interest issue is when a newspaper buys a sports team and then reports on that team
Newspapers and magazines can keep sensationalistic stories out of the news by refusing to cover them
News photos do little to shape how people perceive a war
Having a code of ethics will protect the news organization from charges of misconduct
Ethics deal with problems that have clear right and wrong answers
Earliest form of writing
A writing system where abstract symbols stand for and object or idea
an early writing surface made of reeds by Egypt
an early writing surface made from animal skin
Chinese prior to 200 AD
Printing was invented by who?
The first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary took approx. how many years?
Benjamin Franklin
Important newspaper mag. and book publisher in colonial and revolutionary America
People have attempted to ban
Fahrenheit 451, I know why the caged bird sings, The scarlet letter, and Slaughter house five
One of the biggest features of book
It recommends titles to buyer based on their previous purchases
Major advantage of electronic books
The customer can carry ten or more books in the space of one book
Critics charge that substantial portions Greg Mortenson’s memoir Three cups of tea were fabricated
Author Margaret /seltzer was caught fabricating a memoir about growing up as a half-white, half native-American gang member in Los Angeles
Prior to the development of Gutenberg’s printing press, there were no books
Scriptoria was an early typeface designed by Gutenberg
Gutenberg’s invention of movable type led to the world’s first mass media.
The federal government is one of the largest publishers in the US
Colleges make more money on used textbooks than on new ones
The people who choose which textbook to use are also the people who buy them
Author Nathaniel Hawthorne despised the women novelists of his era because their domestic novels sold much better than his serious novels
Publishers view books as one more product in the entertainment business
Annie Leibovitz
Best know for her covers of Vanity fair and Rolling Stone magazines
The Saturday Evening Post
The first truly national mag. with a large circulation published in the US
The most popular mag. topic for 2010 as measure by page count
Helen Gurley Brown was the Long-time editor of which mag.?
FBL Magazines
Mags. such as Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Vogue are known as
AARP: the magazine
The biggest circulating mag. in the US
Godey’s Lady’s Book
Most modern women’s mags can trace their success back to.
She looked Emaciated like a heroin addict might
Why Calvin Klein’s ads featuring model Kate Moss have be controversial
Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty
Advertisements credited with building acceptance in the public for alternative images of beauty
Dick Stolley’s rules for mag covers
Young is better than old
Pretty is better than ugly
Nothing is better than a dead celebrity
They are afraid minority covers won’t sell
Why mag. editors are often unwilling to put minorities on their covers
Benjamin Franklin published the first photos ever in a mag.
Esquire, Redbook, and Time are examples of consumer mags
Trade mags are also known as business-to-business mags
The Crisis founded by WEB DuBois is a politically conservative mag designed to support the concerns of Fortune 500 companies
FBL Mags target people who are football fans
Glamour mag. attracted a massive reader response in 2009 when it featured a nearly nude image of plus-size model Lizzi Miller as an illustration with an article about body image.
Advertorials are mag articles that are highly critical of the advertising industry
As of 2002, Cosmopolitan mag had only had five covers with African-American models since 1964
Owners of tablet computers tend to read fewer paper mags than do non-owners of tablets
Stayed up
When the Virginia tech shooting happened the website___
The first English lang. papers were published in Amsterdam starting in
Publick Occurrences
Paper that is regarded as the first Newspaper in the North American colonies
The Pennsylvania Gazette
Which paper was published by Benjamin Franklin
The New York Sun
Which paper is regarded as the first of the penny papers
The penny press
Journalistic objectivity began with
Jazz journalism
What phrase was used for a lively illustrated brans of news reporting of the 1920’s
Edward R. Murrow
Who is best remembered for his accounts from London in WW2
Persian Gulf War
Event that helped bring CNN to prominence
Large corporate chains
Most American newspapers are owned by
The penny papers were successful because of their coverage of foreign affairs, national politics and the economy
New York papers owned by William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer competed for readers by using sensational stunts
Until the 1960’s, newscasts offered by the networks were only fifteen minutes long
Gannet runs the largest newspaper chain in the US
Today chains and conglomerates publish about 20 percent of all American newspapers
The Los Angeles Times has engaged in a process known as mainstreaming. This means that the paper is trying to use news sources who are as diverse as the population of the city of Los Angeles
Community newspapers remain important today because they provide information that ppl can’t get anywhere else
Community papers are failing at a record pace
In 2011 the Virginia Tech student newspaper was unable to keep its Website online because of the large number of people trying to access it after a shooting left 2 people dead
The Chicago Defender has always tried to be both an activist paper and a profitable paper
Developing the gramophone
Emile Berliner is famous for what?
The medium Guglielmo Marconi helped invent
The military took over radio broadcasting
What developed during WW1
Includes: United Fruit Co.
General Electric
Amos ‘n Andy
The most popular radio drama of the late 1920’s
Social music
music that people perform for each other in a social setting
Akio Morita
Who is famous for inventing the Walkman
Race records
Before 1948 recordings of popular black music were referred to as
Barry Gordy Jr.
Best known for founding Motown records
Rick Rubin
Producer who worked for Johnny Cash, the Dixie Chicks, and Red Hot Chili Peppers
Motown was one of the first recording labels publishing songs for black artists to perform as hits rather than providing a source of covers for white artists
In Los Angeles, Spanish-language stations have low ratings and can’t attract enough advertisers to turn a profit.
Political talk radio is populated primarily by liberal hosts
Shock jocks draw listeners by making offensive and outrageous comments on the air
National public Radio’s Morning Edition news program attracts a larger daily audience than any of the television networks’ morning news programs.
Content broadcast on satellite radio has to meet the same level of content decency as terrestrial radio does
New car audio systems allow drivers to listen to streaming audio sources like Pandora as well as CDs or terrestrial radio
Brian Ibbot is the host of the podcast Coverville
Songs recorded by someone other than the original artist
Sirius XM
Major provider of consumer satellite radio
Atlanta GA
Where does Tyler Perry run his studio
The great train robbery
The first major movie with multiple scenes and a plot
Auguste-Marie and Louis-Jean Lumiere
Who developed the earliest portable movie cameras
D.W. Griffith
The director of Birth of a Nation
Florence Lawrence
One of the earliest movie stars in the US
Block booking
In the 30’s and 40’s, the studios required theaters to schedule a large number of lesser movies in order to get one or two major films.
Movie attendance peaked in what year?
The large number of smaller theaters grouped together that replaced the large Art Deco movie palaces
The film that created the idea of the summer blockbuster
Gone With the wind
The movie that sold the most tickets of all time
The Blair Witch project
Movie that proved the value of Internet promotion
The Hollywood Ten are the writers who made David Letterman a star
As 0f 2010 the movie Avatar had the largest domestic box office of all time
Movies are rated by a board consisting of Los Angeles are parents
The movies with the biggest box offices are generally rated G or PG because parents feel safe about bringing their children to see them
Directors often “re-cut” their films taking our violence or explicit sex in order to move their movie from an NC-17 to an R
Big budget movies can earn as much from ancillary rights as they do from the domestic box office.
Long-tail movie sources such as Netflix and iTunes allow people in rural areas to see obscure movies that would never play in their local theaters
Movie rental source Netflix does most of its business renting current bestselling DVD releases
India’s movie industry in Mumbai
Philo T. Farnsworth
Who invented the basic technology for television
Sesame Street
PBS attracted its first significant audiences with which show?
Television networks cannot require their affiliates to carry all of the networks programs
BET was the nation’s first all-horse racing cable network
Entertainment, learn, social reasons
Reasons a child might watch television
What are you doing
Twitter was originally created so people could share their answer to what question
What was created to allow incompatible computer to talk with each other
Approximately 40% of the ppl living on the African continent have access to the Internet
Information from the Internet may be unreliable because it does not have the gatekeeper deciding what info should or should not be published
Broadband service
High-speed internet
Drive time
Morning and Afternoon commute
It is perceived as upscale
Why is the gay market seen as desirable to advertisers
When Sony launched its PlayStation 2 it did relatively little advertising because it did not have enough of the systems ready to sell
The biggest change in outdoor advertising over the last ten years has been the growth of digital billboards
African Americans
Urban Marketing targets who?
Focus group
A group of people brought together to talk about how they perceive an organization or issue
Admitting it in a memoir early in his political career
President Obama helped control news about his college drug use by
Today the central notion of public relations is the model of two-way interaction between an institution and its publics
Public relations is mostly about talking and meeting with people
Streaming Cell phone video
How did Tim Pool cover the occupy movement as an independent journalist?
When did tv go digital
Ny State made first telecast
Know the Constitution and Bill of rights
What can you do to keep from violating the law without knowing it or having your rights violated without knowing it
Making sure that most of America knows the news
The media’s role in reporting the news
To make sure it is upheld
What is a journalist’s responsibility when it comes to the first amendment
Do we have a balance in journalism today?
Political Ideology
Ideas, Characteristics of a person group or political party
Representative Republic
What kind of government does the US have