Comm 101 Test 1

The Lyceum was founded by
Logos is
the use of logic and argumentation during persuasion
Rhetoricians who took a psychological/epistemological approach focused on
understanding the thought processes of receivers as they listened to persuasive messages
Communication has been a subject of systematic study for
at least 2,500 years
In ancient Greece, the study of communication was known as
In which period did communication study expanded to include interpersonal and group as well as public communication?
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According to Cicero’s classifications of speaking style, the style that was logical, clear, and restrained and worked to convince the audience of the speaker’s good character, good sense, and trustworthiness was
the plain style
The canons of rhetoric were
one of the earliest models of communication
__________ is the process of selecting proper words to convey a message
In which period were letter writing and preaching the core communication activities studied by rhetoricians?
Which of the following statements is true regarding the cultural mandate?
It is God’s directive to care for and cultivate human culture and the potential of creation.
It is the directive found in Genesis 1:28: “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.”
In the reading, we learn that songs, poems, films and dances are all examples of
Cultural texts
The title of the reading, “The Smoke Goes Upwards”, refers to:
No matter what faith conviction one has, all humans are created as believing, worshiping beings
What is inferred by Abraham Kuyper’s words: “There is not a square inch in the whole domain of human existence over which Christ, who is sovereign over all, does not cry: ‘Mine!'”
Everything is sacred because Christ lays claim to it all
When humans fell into sin
The whole creation (humans, culture, creation, society) became tainted.
The cultural mandate became a complex calling.
Romanowski explains that, in a fallen world, living out the cultural mandate means that we must support cultural advances that are life-affirming. What does he mean?
We should promote human dignity for all
We should promote justice
Which of the following are examples of ways humans have discovered the “potential” of creation?
Using words to write poetry
Inventing the automobile
Discovering the process of photosynthesis
How does Romanowski describe the Bible and its role in our lives?
A guide for right and faithful living
The Holy Spirit continues to illuminate Scripture to increase our understanding
What Biblical metaphors does Romanowski refer to in terms of Christian participation in cultural activity?
eyes of your heart
The main point of this reading (The Smoke Goes Upwards) is best summarized in which of the following statements?
Christians should engage culture in life-affirming ways and provide a framework for critiquing culture
Which of the following is NOT true of the psychological perspective?
The psychological perspective puts a lot of emphasis on the social context in which communication occurs.
Which of the following is a criticism of the social constructionist perspective?
It places too much emphasis on the social self and not enough on the individual self.
According to the text, definitions of communication
vary in breadth
differ in the importance they place on intentionality
are either sender or receiver-based
A model is based on a set of assumptions called a…
People who take a cultural studies perspective to communication
are interested in uncovering the hidden power relations that often exist in mediated texts
Which of the following perspectives would be most likely to generate the following research question: In what ways do the situation comedies of the Golden Age of Television support the subservience of women?
Cultural studies perspective
Which of the following ways of understanding a city is an example of a model?
a street map of the city
an organizational chart of the city government
a scale model of the city
People who take a pragmatic perspective to communication
are interested in interaction rather than personality
Which of the following elements are part of Hymes ethnographic model?
ends, keys, instrumentalities, norms