COM CHP 8,11,5

to get the audience’s attention.
The first step in an introduction is
to introduce the topic of your speech.
According to the authors, the most obvious purpose that you must accomplish in a speech introduction is
the attitude listeners hold toward a speaker
Credibility is
a preview.
This signpost may enumerate the ideas and points that will be presented in the speech. This signpost is known as
brief entertaining story or illustration
An anecdote is a
rhetorical question.
In an introduction, you may ask a question that doesn’t require a response but makes the audience think about your topic. This type of question is a(n)
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personal reference.
Thanking someone for inviting you to speak, as part of your introduction, is termed as a
providing a sense of closure
What is the purpose of the technique when a speaker m
a statement to motivate the audience to respond
When Gloria said, “So we must all do something to end domestic violence; we must all be prepared to confront this issue in our own neighborhoods and homes, so that we become part of the solution, not part of the problem,” you recognize this as
that provide closure for a speech
Terms like “finally,” “in conclusion,” and “in closing” are examples of devices
nonverbal communication
What is most important when a speaker is communicating emotional feelings, attitudes, likes, and dislikes to an audience?
extemporaneous delivery.
Delivering a speech in a conversational style from a well-developed and researched outline is termed
When asked to deliver a speech at the last moment, the type of delivery style you will use is
good eye contact.
The ability to monitor your audience’s response and adjust your message accordingly is a benefit of
make your gestures appropriate to the situation and audience
Which of the following statements is the best guideline for using gestures in a speech?
An attitude that one’s own cultural approaches are superior to those of other cultures is termed
emotional contagion theory.
In a crowded arena, you notice that when others laugh, clap, or cheer on the speaker, you are more likely to follow along with their actions. This is an example of
nonverbal expectancy theory
When it comes to public speaking, people have certain expectations as to how you should communicate. This represents the
Without uttering a word, an audience can be quieted by holding up the palm of your hand to calm a noisy crowd. This is the nonverbal function of
When Kelsey says, “How many of you have ever donated money to causes that support the homeless?” as she extends the palms of her hands toward the audience. Kelsey’s nonverbal communication serves what function?
consider the audience
When you discover the listener’s needs, interests, and expectations prior to selecting a topic, you are fulfilling which guideline for selecting a topic?
When you make a list of your own interests, and just begin writing as many topics related to these as you can think of without stopping to consider them, you are using a technique known as
concern about the interests and knowledge of her audience.
Emily has been asked to speak to a group of her colleagues at work about a new project, but she wonders, “What do these people already know about this project, and are they excited about it?” These questions reflect Emily’s
consider the occasion
For his graduation ceremony, when Brady decided to give his valedictory address on the topic of opposition to the rising costs of university tuition, Brady failed to
they have a list of topics divided into categories and subcategories.
When searching for a speech topic, Web directories, such as Yahoo, are helpful because
to persuade.
During your speech you ask your audience to sign a petition increasing the student parking areas. Your general goal is
specific purpose
“At the end of my speech, my audience will be able to list the three different types of Reggae music,” is an example of a
central idea.
A complete declarative sentence that summarizes your speech is known as the
Her central idea is too vague.
Allison has written and rewritten the central idea of her speech on “Dog Care.” She finally comes up with “Dog care is very difficult.” What is the problem with this central idea?
main ideas.
Searching for logical divisions in a subject is a strategy for determining your