Colonial America Study Guide

Mayflower Compact
First form of representative Government in the colonies
4 Main Concepts
Loyalty to England
Citizens are equal
Democratic Government
4 Centural Themes
Diverse Religions
Representitive Government
Dynamic Economy
Diverse Culture
Know Map
Royal Colonies
Headed by a governer who is appointed by king.
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Proprietary colonies
owned and managed by English proprietors, individuals to whom land was granted
Corporate Colonies
a colony run by a corporation to which authority is given to the company’s shareholders and directors
Roanoke Island
Roanoke Island was the first attempt by the English to settle in America. It was unsuccessful because the colonists disappeared
What was the first permanent English colony in the western hemisphere?
Virginia, 1607. Started as a Corporate Colony.
The first permanent English settlement was…
Jamestown, Virginia
What was The Starving Time
was the period of time in 1609-1610 when many colonists died from starvation and disease.
What was the House of Burgesses and why was it created?
The House of Burgesses was the first representative assembly established in colonial America.
It was for making laws.
Where was the House of Burgesses located?
Located in Virginia
Who held title to the charter for Maryland?
Lord Baltimore
What religion was Lord Baltimore?
What was the Act of Toleration?
A law that granted freedom of worship to all Christians.
Who were the Puritan Separatists of 1620?
civil body politick
A system of political and religious self-rule, allowing each town and congregation to govern itself.
Who was John Winthrop?
Leader of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

He made it so that only Male Puritan church members only

Roger Williams
. He was expelled from Massachusetts because he questioned the church, he then founded Rhode Island in 1635.
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
A representative assembly
A popularly elected governor
Why did England attack New Netherland?
To stop the lucrative commerce of the Dutch
How did New Netherland become New York?
The English conquered the Dutch and took the territory.
Who received this newly acquired land from King Charles II?
James, the Duke of York. The Duke of York divided the former Dutch colony into two provinces: New York and New Jersey.
Who was William Penn?
Quaker founder of Pennsylvania. He developed the Frame of Government.
Who were the Society of Friends.
What are some of the tenets of the Quakers.
Vision of a “peaceable kingdom” with peace and harmony among all people.
people who prefer peaceful methods of resolving differences and they do not believe in fighting or war.
Who were the Lords of Trade?
Leading politicians appointed by the king to manage his American possessions and to increase the colonies’ contribution to the English economy.
What was the Glorious Revolution of 1688?
Colonial rebellion against authoritarian rule.

Parliament offered the crown to King James’s daughter, Mary and William III who agreed to establish a constitutional monarchy.

Who “won” in the Glorious Revolution?
The colonists won when King William and Queen Mary restored self-government in America.
Who was James Oglethorpe?
He was the founder of Georgia- plan to use the new colony as a haven for debtors in prison.

The first Jewish synagogue in the colonies
Catholics were not allowed to live in Georgia.

What was georgia’s purpose
Georgia served as a buffer between Spanish Florida and English colonies.

plan to use the new colony as a haven for debtors in prison.

One in 5 people living in British North America in the 1700s were african. Most were slaves.
Columbian Exchange
a new era of transatlantic trade launched by Columbus’s voyages.
What was trades on the Columbian Exchange
Precious Metals
The Middle Passage
Was the triangular trade where the african slaves were sent from africa to America
Olaudah Equiano
Witness a ton of horrible things doing the middle passage and told his story.
What colonies made up the Northern Colonies?
Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut
What colonies made up the Mid-Atlantic or Middle Colonies?
New York, New Jersey,
Pennsylvania, and
Which colonies made up the Southern Colonies?
Maryland, Virginia,
North Carolina & South Carolina
Describe the colonial economy.
Farming, merchant trade, and manufacturing grew in size during the colonial era.
What were the Navigation Acts?
Laws passed by England in the 17th century that monitored trade to and from the colonies.

Allowed colonists to only produce agricultural goods and raw materials.

Great Awakening
A religious movement when evangelical ministers who traveled through the colonial countryside making appeals for sinners to repent and convert to the Christian faith.
The End of Salutary Neglect
One reason the British government allowed its colonies freedom in governing themselves was that England lacked the resources to enforce its wishes upon the colonists.
Effects of Salutary Neglect
England rarely enforced its own trade regulations, such as the Navigation Acts.

Self-government flourished in the colonies.