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Mission Statement
To provide highly motivated individuals with a premier hands-on leadership development experience, in a safe, competitive, profitable, challenging, and fun environment; and to grow our customer base, level of support, and customer satisfaction, while providing the greatest learning experience to all our team members
Mission Statement Vision
Driving force behind achieving our mission – provide a leadership development opportunity at all levels and to be the industry leader, wherever we operate
Relationships are everything, work hard play hard have fun, results economy: pay everyone what they earn, four refer-ability habits: 1) do what you say 2) be on time 3) say please and thank you 4) finish what you start, one must earn the right to work here, growth in existing and future opportunities, balance: do what you need to do now to do what you want to do later
CWP Warranty
1 year warranty or premium 5 year warranty
CWP Different from its Competitors
1) small business service, combined with big business security
2) top-quality materials at the lowest prices
3) quality prep work
4) a service-oriented experience
5) reasonable deposits
6) unparalleled safety program
7) EPA lead-certified renovator
cement and plaster mixture applied to the outside of homes and buildings
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Stucco most commonly found on what coast?
West Coast
Stucco is _________ to cracks
Two different types of stucco
1) medium-textured stucco which is smooth and easier to paint
2) heavy-textured stucco (Spanish-style), denser texture
Spanish-style stucco is more ______ because
expensive – requires more time and materials
Wood siding
made up of pieces of wood that cover the exterior of the home
Wood siding can come in the form of
shingles, shakes, plywood, panels, vertical boards or horizontal boards
Why is painting paneled wood sliding, shingles or shakes more expensive than painting smooth or flat wood siding?
Requires more time and material
Vinyl Siding is more popular on what coast?
East Coast
How can vinyl siding be painted?
Use special vinyl paint and using vinyl safe colors
Terms of a house
Shutters, woodsiding, window, fascia, dormer, eaves, extra trim, paneled woodsiding, door trim
Front door is always considered a what door?
Hard door
Front doors have to be _______ because
Perfect because entire paint job judged by the quality of the paint job on the front door
CWP does not warranty ____ because
Decks because it is a horizontal surface
Two types of paints
water based and oil based
Work with ______ based paint because
oil based is not eco-friendly and is also outlawed in many cities and counties
CWP only uses _____ because
100% acrylic, water-based paints because they’re stronger than regular latex paints or paints with a latex-acrylic mixture
What makes water-based paint different?
Different sheen or degree of shine to them
Flat (no shine) sheen is used on
body of a home, especially stucco, can be used on trim, recommended for trim that has lots of “character”
Flat (no shine) sheen hides
imperfections in the wood and covers the best but is not very washable
Satin (slight shine) is used on
wood siding, can be used on trim, body is almost always painted with flat or satin paint
Satin (slight shine) appears to be
almost flat but is slightly more washable than flat
Semi-gloss is used on
trim, windows and doors, generally all trim that is not painted in flat or satin is painted with semi-gloss
Semi-gloss is highly
washable but doesn’t hide imperfections in the wood
Gloss is used sometimes on
trim but more often on front doors
Gloss really shows
imperfections in the wood, and it doesn’t cover as well – CWP recommends this only for front doors and other limited areas
Stains are products applied to
wood which soak into and actually color it, as distinguished from paint which merelly coats the surface of the wood
stains are what give
most wood its “wood” color
Stains are most often used on
decks and fences
2 major types of stain
full body and semi transparent
Rarely use which type of stain?
Wash down
remove loose dirt and debris from the surface of the house
How can wash downs be done
high-pressure nozzle or a pressure washer
If you don’t trench, you can
accelerate damage at the base of the home
entails digging a 3-4 inch trench around the base of the house where the dirt meets the body and painting all the way down below the ground level
Trenching ensures
house is completely protected at the base and also gives the paint job a clean finish at the bottom
Scraping and feather sanding is
over areas of peeling paint, the loose paint is removed by scraping the area with a scraper or 5 in 1 tool
After scraping, you
feather sand the edges using power sanders to make the surface smoother and prevent further peeling
100% acrylic primer over bare surfaces
paint does not stick to bare wood
CWP requires all bare wood and repairs to be
primed prior to application of the finish coat
caulk all large cracks
untreated cracks allow moisture to penetrate the surface, eventually causing damage
Cracks commonly found on
joints of fascia boards, window edges and in old stucco
Wood putty
repairs minor damage on existing wood
mold avenger
CWP uses an enzyme based product – eco-friendly and discourages future mildew growth
mostly older homes with wooden windows have and holds individual window panes in place
One pace is how many feet
3 feet
10 vertical feet estimates
height of each story
easy fascia
on first story and completely flat
hard fascia
2nd or 3rd story
easy windows
1-4 panes
medium windows
4-8 panes
hard windows
8-12 panes
fastest way to apply paint to a surface
sprayer shoots out
10 inch fan of paint, highly pressurized hose and gun
spraying costs
spray whenever
possible and appropriate
fastest method for painting fascia, trim and windows – whenever possible
only wooden windows or small trim pieces that cannot be rolled
each unit is equal to
one hour of budgeted time for one novice painer
Neutral or earth-tone colors are
grays, beiges, khaki colors, browns
Neutral or earth-tone colors cover in how many coats?
Bright colors require how many coats?
2 or more
Bright colors are
yellows, reds, purples, deep greens, or pretty much any color of the rainbow
Drastic color changes are
dark colors over light colors or light colors over dark colors
Drastic color changes require how many coats?
more than 1