College Sports Teams

The first college football team to win a game.
Nicknamed the “Bearcats” and is located in a state that borders one of the Great Lakes
North Carolina
Michael Jordan played college basketball here!
New Mexico
Nicknamed the “Lobos” and won their basketball conference tournament in early 2013 to go to March Madness
North Texas
The only NCAA-Division 1 A nicknamed the Mean Green
Nicknamed the “Hoyas” and has a Division 1 college basketball team
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Made their first appearance in the NCAA March Madness, went all the way to the Sweet 16 in early 2013, lost to Florida, and was the 15 seed
Wichita State
Beat Ohio State in the Elite 8 and lost to Louisville in the Final Four in early 2013
Known for its basketball team, but was ranked 23rd going into a bowl game against Texas A&M in 2014. They lost 52-48
Shabazz Napier plays for this college basketball team
Lost to Norfolk State in the first round of March Madness in 2012
Has the best known college football helmet
Copied off of Michigan’s helmet design but tinted the blue. Nicknamed the “Fighting Blue Hens”
At one point was considered the worst college football team in Division 3. Colors are orange and black.
Ohio State
Nicknamed the “Buckeyes” and is in Division 1-A football
Notre Dame
A catholic college in South Bend, Indiana
Has two college names in one and is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Both of its colleges it is named after are also located in Indiana. Nicknamed the “Jaguars”
Washington State
Nicknamed the “Cougars” and is located in the state of Washington
Cleveland State
Nicknamed the “Vikings” and is located in Cleveland, Ohio
Located in the Glass City
Law school and has a Division 1 college basketball team
Mount Saint Mary’s
Its abbreviation is “The Mount” and used to have the nickname the “Redskins” until it was banned due to upset Indians
Located in Athens, Ohio
Football helmet design has their flag on it in a different shape
Youngstown State
Located in Youngstown, Ohio and is nicknamed the “Penguins”
Michigan State
Won the Big Ten Championship against Ohio State in 2013
Nicknamed the “Zips” and located in Ohio
Won the FCS championship in 2014
Located near the Nike Headquarters and that is the reason for their chrome helmets with feathered designs
Lost to NDSU in the 2014 FCS championship
Andrew Luck played football here
Nicknamed the Miners in El Paso, Texas
Blake Griffin went here
Air Force
Almost had a game cancelled due to government shutdown and is nicknamed the Falcons
Rhode Island
Nicknamed the Rams and is in the tiniest state in the U.S.