college sports marketing chapter 2

winning college teams
economic implications, for the school, community, region state.
products and services offered by universities
entertainment, food, drinks, and clothing
college promotion departments
include schedule cards and posters, guides about teams, as well as website, these are all money generating items.
national collegate athletic association is the governing body of most college and university athletic programs, it creates and enforces guidelines and rules that schools must maintain in order to remain in good standing
guideline areas
recruitment, gender equity, scholarships, gambling prohibitions, and ethical issues
needed to join ncaa
accreditation by recognized, accrediting agency of its region, offers at least 4 inter collegiate sports for men and women, comply with al ncaa rules, cooperate with ncaa enforcement programs and accept penalties.
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sponsors of ncaa
american express, continental airlines, hershey, ocean spray, rawlings, and sears
advertising dollars
which dollars supports the ncaa champions and expansion of ncaa programs for young people
team rankings
the reason for this is fans read publications, companies fill pages with ads, exposure and promotion of a team with a new start each season, new dreams, new goals
high ranked teams
these teams build excitement and strong attendance at games, televised games, play better teams easier to have sold out tickets
being number 1
this has lingering effects, even after the season is brings national recognition, increased potential for recruitment from high schools, retailers sports wear of champions/memorabilia/ good for manufacturers (nike), more money for ads in sports programs, magazines, and through out stadium arenas
geographic segmentation
dividing groups by physical location
demographic segmentation
income, age, gender…
psychographics segmentations
attitudes and lifestyle, would you go to a game if it is on a religious holiday
product usage
what product do you use, how often and why
benefits derived
believe they receive from the product or service
year that ncaa focused on women’s college sports
year women’s basketball games were televised
past products for women
clothing, beauty, products, jewelry and home appliances.
present products for women
soccer shoes, basketballs, golf clubs, racing bikes, and any athletic equipment for women
legal right to reproduce a teams logo in exchange for payment, bumper sticker pays a certain amount to college, this is to protect the college, image, name and symbol