College Prep Physics A – Review

On a time distance-time if the line is diagonal, what does that show about the velocity?
Velocity is constant
On a time distance-time if the line is horizontal, what does that show about the velocity?
Object is still
The slope of a distance-time tells us what?
The velocity of an object
Does distance need a frame of reference?
What is displacement?
Change in position
How is velocity defined?
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Is velocity a vector quantity?
What is the unit for velocity?
What is speed?
The magnitude of velocity. Also a measure of how fast something is moving.
Is speed a scalar quantity?
What is acceleration?
The rate at which velocity changes.
What is the unit for acceleration?
On a velocity-time graph- the slope tells us what?
The acceleration of an object.
Gravitational Force-
An attractive force that acts between any two objects.
Electromagnetic Force-
This is the force that gives materials their strength, ability to bend, squeeze, stretch, or shatter.
Strong Nuclear Force-
Hols particles in the nucleus together.
Weak Force-
Involved in the radioactive decay of some nuclei.
What is the weakest of the action at a distance force?
Gravitational Force.
What are the action at a distance forces?
Gravitational, Electromagnetic, Strong Nuclear, and Weak
Applied Force-
a force which is applied to an object by a person or another object
Normal Force-
the force perpendicular to a surface that prevents an object from falling through the surface
effort expended in rubbing one object against another
What is the force that allows us to walk?
Air Resistance-
the fluid friction experienced by objects falling through the air
Force transmitted through a string, rope, or wire when it is pulled tight by forces acting from each end.
Spring Force-
The force exerted by a compressed or stretched spring upon any object that is attached to it
If something is flying through the air- which way does air resistance point?
Up. The opposite of gravitational forces.
If an object is traveling with a constant velocity, what is the acceleration?
When you apply forces on an object, how much frictional force results?
The same amount as applied.
How can you weight on Earth be different from your weight on another planet?
If you go to a place where the gravitational force is less than it is on Earth, then your weight will decrease.
What would the velocity vector look like the the object was moving in a circular motion?
Tangent to the circle.
What is one-dimensional motion?
Moves in a straight line along a level surface.
Two-dimensional motion-
Any object moving through the air or two dimensions.
What is periodic motion?
Any motion that repeats itself.
the act of rotating on an INTERNAL axis.
When an object turns about an EXTERNAL axis.
Are horizontal and vertical components of motion independent of eachother?
Describe horizontal velocity.
Describe vertical velocity.
Accelerating, due to gravity.
Where is the force directed towards while moving in a circle?
Toward the center of the circle.
Does acceleration and force travel in the same direction?
Why do guns recoil when shot?
The momentum must be equal to that of the bullet.
Which has a stronger recoil- Big guns or little guns?
What has more inertia, bus or car?
What is safer, cars or buses?
How do you decrease a force in a collision?
Increase the time.
Does the total momentum during a collision change?
Transfer of energy by mechanical means.
Is energy ever lost?
What can energy be transferred to?
Heat, light sound, etc.