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College Of My Dreams

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The average SAT scores for acceptance to the college are also a satisfactory standardized, in my opinion. Along with that, the average GAP scores after Junior Year to get accepted to NYU is a 3. 5 and up.

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Another college dream of mine is to live on campus. NYU supplies housing/ dorms for all undergraduates, with a $1 ,OHO housing deposit, which fits my wants perfectly. Although the price is extremely high for a college, at a staggering $46,148 a year, its still the college of my dreams.

Not to mention he location. Although the acceptance rate is only a 32% chance of acceptance, with hard work it is very possible. If the hard work pays off and the acceptance is granted, the amount of activities and events at New York University are amazing. They have sororities, the Strawberry Festival and much more to do and be apart of throughout the years.

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