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College Comp

What did you learn about yourself as a writer? As a thinker? This term I learned as a writer, that I have to break the writer’s block but Just free writing and getting all my ideas out there and going back to edit my work. As a thinker I learned how to think and us correct punctuation and to also think about what I am writing and does it make sense. This course has been very beneficial to me, and I will continue to use the skills I have retained throughout my college/professional career.

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2)What did you learn about the process of writing?

I learned that the process of writing is a Journey. You have to want to embark on the journey to accomplish it and complete the task at hand. Writing a good paper is more than Just throwing words on paper, it critically thinking and executing the process of writing 3)What skills did you develop that might help you in the future? One of the most important skills I have learned is outlining. This has helped me this term to complete my final project. I will use this in future writing classes and in my career when writing. 4)What did you take from the larger conversation with others?

I learned for the conversation with my classmates how to give constructive criticism as well take the criticism and make the corrections and ensure the end result is great. 5)How did your feedback from peers and your instructor affect the revision of your blueprint, letter to the editor, and presentation? The feedback that I received from my class mated and professor were so helpful in my Journey through this course. They helped me take out UN-useful text, and gave me ideas of where to add text to give my final project the girth it needs to hold my audience’s attention.

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