College and Careers Test 2

Advanced Placement
Course in high school, you study college-level material
A measurement process they developed that makes sure the schools and programs offered to high school graduates meet a basic level of quality
Associates Degree
A degree earned upon completion of a program that usually requires the equivalent of two or more hears of full-time study
A program in which a person works for a skilled worker to learn a trade
Bachelors Degree
A degree title issued by a college or university to a person who has completed undergraduate studies
Campus Culture
Characteristics that give each school or training program its unique personality
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Dual Credit
Agreement between a high school and a postsecondary school to give you credit in both high school and college
Gap Year
A year between high school graduation and the start of college
Money that must be repaid
Masters Degree
A degree in which a student has completed two years of a course work beyond a bachelors degree
Money you do not have to repay that a school or an organization provides for your education
Work Study Program
Provides money to pay students for qualified on-campus or off-campus jobs