Cohen chapter 4 review

A group of people who share common interests and experiences a similar level of education and a comparable income level can be referred to as
a social class
a reporter is writing an article about social mobility in the united states as a sociologist you advise her that …
there is little substantial upward social mobility
a society’s gini index has shifted from .57 to .34. this means that
more families share a larger portion of the income
according to cohen what is the strongest predictor of a person growing up to be poor?
poverty and family structure in childhood are related and equality strong predictors
according to your textbook what is exploitation?
the process by which the labor of some produces wealth for others
alyssa was born to a young single mother and grew up in a poor rural area with low quality schools. according to the sociological concept of chances, she has a ____ or becoming rich because _____
low chance; the practical chance of doing so is so small
children growing up with a single parent face particular challenges to social mobility. these include…
lower incomes; less time with parents and less access to social capital
Children who live with ______ are concentrated in higher income families, while children who live with _______ are concentrated in lower families
married parents; single parent
children whose parents are college educated are ____ likely to have internet access at home and to spend _____ time watching television than those whose parents have a high school diploma or less
more ; less
Elizabeth graduated from princeton, as did her father. Her sister and brother graduated from yale like their mother. after graduation elizabeth was able to use her ____ to help get her several interviews and ultimately her dream job.
social capital
elizabeth takes piano lessons, plays on her travel soccer team, attends after school tutoring sessions, goes to science camp, and is encouraged by her parents to question teachers,doctors, and other adults in positions of authority, elizabeth is college educated professional parents engage in a style of parenting called …
concerted cultivation
functionalist theories argue that since social inequalities exists in all societies, it ….
serves an essential purpose
in her research on social class and parenting. annette lareau found that poor and working class parents engaged in a style of parenting that she called the accomplishment of natural growth. these parents believed that their children success would be the natural outcome of childhood spent …
playing informally and hanging out in mixed age groups of family and friends
jennifers father was a lower level manager of a department store. jennifer was able to go to college and get her masters degree in business administration and now she is a district manager overseeing all department stores that operate on the west coast. this is an example of …
social mobility
kai and his family live in a small town in minnesota and amelia and her family live in boston. according to the federal poverty line, both families are poor however the poverty line ______, making things even more difficult for amelias family in such an expensive city
does not codices geographical differences in cost of living
of families in the following groups which is the most likely to be poor
american indian
pallavis parents are professionals, as are their siblings and most of their friends. they are able to draw from their social networks to help pallavi to achieve her goals. this an example of …
bourdieus social capital
since the 1950s family income inequality in the US has
increased dramatically
since the 1970s what has happened to the education earnings gap?
the gap between college graduates and high school graduates earnings has increased
the fact that the american indians latinos and african americans are about three times more likely to be poor than whites is evidence of
the concentration of poverty by race ethnicity
the most common family income factor for children in a married couple family is ______ while it is _____ for children with a single mother
50,000-99,999; under 25,000
the official poverty line ( threshold) is based on
the cost of government determined economy food plan times three
what happened to the poverty rate in the 2000s?
it increased dramatically
which of the following explain why the poor have had a difficult time moving out of poverty ?
the value of federal minimum wage has declined significantly over the last 40 years