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Coachella One of my favorite events is the Coachella Music Festival, a music fans ultimate adventure. My friend Isaac and I had planned our trip for months. The event was two days, split up because of the hundreds of bands playing. We bought our ticket months in advance for one day. The line-up for that day was amazing. The line up consisted of: Radio Head, Pixies, Kraftwerk, Rapture, Death Cab for Cutie, and many more. If you love alternative music, this is it. We also had planned to stay the night, so we pre-booked a room in hotel nearby.

Our destination was Indio California, near Palm Springs. The drive from San Jose to Indio was about 427 miles. We headed out early morning, stopped a couple times to use the restroom and refuel. Driving on Highway 10, was mostly desert. The only interesting configurations worth gazing were the plain white wind mills. Hundreds lined up, across acres of desert land. Some of the giant windmills propelled with the slight dry wind. We finally had arrived and it felt like we stepped into a depleted tropical land. Luckily, the hotel we stayed in included a swimming pool!

It was the day of the event, so we made sure to dress accordingly. We also made sure to bring plenty of water. The parking area was a chaotic scrabble of vehicles. The walk to the gates was a good 10 minutes. This was only the beginning; this event was spread out onto 90 acres. No wonder, GoldenVoice (Coachella Organizers) held event in this location; Empire Polo Club. The first idea that came to mind was to plan our day according to music events itinerary. A mass of 100,000 people would be diverged among the Polo Fields.

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Coachella’s map out of event accommodated all; with multiple stages, international food stands, alcohol and beverage stands, in door lounges to cool off, numerous tents with DJ’s, art installations, Coachella souvenir stands, porta potties in large quantities, ATMs, Security, and First Aide stands. The lines were a quarter mile long, or more for all stands. At this point, my friend Isaac and I decided we would cool off with a Heineken. Next we took our place in line to get a bite to eat. Of course everything is overpriced, since it is a music concert.

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