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Coach Carter

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Questions for Movie Coach Carter Spring 2011 1. In the first scene of the movie the team members were arguing and even fighting in the locker room. One member identified himself to the news media that he was the “star player”. As Coach Carter identified in the movie, they had only won 4 games. By the last scene of the movie, the team went to the championship games. What do you think made the difference in the team’s ability to become winners? 2. In a scene of the movie, Coach Carter made two of the best players leave for failing to follow his instructions, knowing that this would hurt the team’s possibility to win games.

One player even pointed out that they were the highest scoring players. Coach Carter’s response was, “I guess we will have two more high scoring players. ” What do you think was Coach Carter’s rationale behind his decision? 3. What was the significance of the contract Coach Carter had the team members sign? Why did the contract include the team members having to wear a tie on game day? Why did they have to maintain a 2. 3 grade point average to play? 4. What did Coach Carter mean when he told the team, “The losing stops now. Winning here means winning out there. ” 5.

At the beginning of the movie, Coach Carter asked the question, “What is your biggest fear? ” this same question was asked by him several times throughout the movie. After the team was benched, a player stood up and gave his definition of fear (see below). Describe in your own words the significance of this summation and how it relates to living life. How does this relate to our studies of Juvenile Delinquency? 6. Upon review of the various theories we have studied over the past several classes, which delinquency theory (s) can you identify from scenes in this movie? Briefly describe those theories you observed.

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Coach Carter

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