CNSU Interview Q’s

Why pharmacy?
Pharmacy is an important field in health care practice that can make just as much impact on a patient’s life as a doctor. They are highly respectable individuals in the health care community who communicate effectively to facilitate safe medication use. Pharmacists hold such high integrity and I am proud and inspired to be on the pathway to be part of the health care community as such an individual.
Why did you choose California Northstate University School of Pharmacy?
I’m aware Northstate is big on team-based learning and developing students who excel in critical thinking, problem solving, and creative strategies in learning. This is a learning environment I would love to be a part of because this would really help prepare for real-life situations and how to approach circumstances when there isn’t always a clear-cut answer.
Why should we accept you into the School of Pharmacy?
I have the drive and determination to meet set goals for myself. I have the vision to achieve success and will work for it with whatever situation I am given. I believe I am a team player and can be an asset to help other achieve the same goal to succeed. I am confident I have the potential to be a successful student.
What have you done to prepare for Pharmacy School?
Achieved my BS degree in Biology, taken a pharmacy technician program at CSULA, achieved my pharm tech certification, participated in a externship at Walgreens & currently hoping to land the job!
What two or three accomplishments have given you the most satisfaction?
Graduating, passing my pharm tech exam with a fever, being able to squat my own weight
What would you like to accomplish during the next five years?
Successfully graduate pharmacy school with my PhD, pay my mother back for all that she’s provided for me, save up for the start of my life
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What is pharmaceutical care?
Patient centered pharmacy practice that considers patient outcomes that works with the patient’s other health care physicians to ensure medication and drug therapy with promote overall health.
What are some of your greatnesses?
I am a fast learner and take into consideration new tasks by taking mental and physical notes of new challenges. I believe I can adapt to new situations well and handle stress in a poised manner.
What is your greatest weakness?
In attempts to be accepting and understanding of negative or upsetting situations, I may come off as passive or can end up letting things go without putting my foot down. However I do understand there is a line between what things to let go & what things to voice out my opinions on.
Have you ever had a conflict with a boss or professor? How was it resolved?
I’ve had conflicts with my boss at Walgreens when I was externing, but never any major ones. We were off to a rocky start as perfect timing had had it, I caught a fever the first day I was supposed to come in, so I missed the first week or so. & when I did come in, I wasn’t told I needed a badge or to come in in scrubs, had issues with my schedule. He got irritated & I knew it wasn’t my fault that no one informed me what was required. I just reasoned with him & apologized that I wasn’t informed & I would be more responsible & come in when I’m supposed to & such.
What do you consider to be the most important idea or suggestion you have made that was implemented?
Describe a time when you were a member of a team. What was your contribution?
What do you think of herbal/alternative medicine? Should people choose them over traditional medicine?
What s the most interesting work assignment that you have received?
Give examples of your ability to delegate.