CLST 2101 (moodle quizzes)

Aeschylus; Agamemnon
When Robert Kennedy announced the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, he quoted what Greek author from what work :
Sophocles; Oedipus at Colonus
What Greek author and what work was turned into a modern gospel musical?
Aeschylus; Libation Bearers
The last book in the Harry Potter series quotes what Greek author from what work :
Sophocles; Antigone
What Greek tragedy by what author is equally famous as a French version from World War II?
The eponymous characters of Plato’s Protagoras and Gorgias are part of a group of intellectuals known as:
Thucydides’ history
Xenophon’s Hellenica is a sequel to
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What prominent person from the Peloponnesian War makes an appearance in Plato’s Symposium?
What popular Greek orator prosecuted an agent of the Thirty Tyrants?
He lived two centuries before Xenophon.
The historical Cyrus the Great (idealized in Xenophon’s fictionalized biography the Cyropaedia) lived when in relation to Xenophon?
the Rosetta Stone is of monumental importance in the history of language translation.
The Rosetta Stone company uses the name because:
I found it!
Eureka is a Greek word that means:
Euclid is used today mostly in classes about _____
Which Roman emperor’s palace was used in the filming of Season 4 of Game of Thrones?
Lucian’s True History
The movie “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen” incorporates elements from what ancient Greek work?
Marcus Aurelius
The 1964 movie The Fall of the Roman Empire reckons the death of which emperor as marking the decline of Rome?
Hero of Alexandria
The documentary series “Ancient Discoveries” has an episode devoted to what “machine man”?
A scandalous expose of the Byzantine emperor Justinian.
In 1993, author Donna Tartt had a popular novel about the murder of a Greek student at a small, elite college. Its title, The Secret History, alludes to what?
Archaic Period
The city of Constantinople was originally founded as a Greek colony in the
The Byzantine scholar Pletho made a sensational impact in Italy with the writings of what Classical Greek author?
The movie Agora (2009) focused on the life of
Early Church Fathers incorporated the mechanisms of what pagan philosophy to discuss theology?
Treasury of San Marco, Venice
Because of the Fourth Crusade, many valuable objects from Constantinople are now where?
Classical Period (4th century)
Pletho lectured on a Greek author from what period?
Classical Period (5th century)
Percy Shelley’s Hellas adapts a Greek play from what period?
Baton Rouge has a Greek restaurant named for what famous figure from Greek literature?
Classical Period (4th century)
Michael Cacoyannis made three movies based on the works of a Greek author from what period?
Roman Imperial period
Martin Scorsese directed a movie whose story derives from ancient Greek writings from what period?
the Olympics
Ολυμπιακοί Αγώνες refers to what?
Euripides Electra , Euripides Trojan Women , Euripides Iphigenia at Aulis
Greek director Michael Cacoyannis made films of what Greek plays :
New Orleans
The first Greek Orthodox church in the Americas was in
Theodoros Angelopoulos’ 1995 film Ulysses’ Gaze invokes what ancient Greek work?
Some passages in the Iliad describe real types of weapons
The archaeology of Prehistoric Greece confirms what about Homer’s version of the Trojan War?
Because of its history, which city has been understandably (but mistakenly) linked to the story of the lost city of Atlantis?
The Dark Age to the Archaic Period
The geometric style of Greek art (such as the famous “Greek Key”) spans what transition?
A vestigial awareness of early Cretan civilization.
The Minoans left what legacy to Classical Greece?
Bronze Age writing is lost and a new form of writing appears in Archaic Greece.
From the Bronze Age to Archaic Greece, what happens to the writing of Greek?
A tourist site devoted to Troy and the Trojan War.
Alexander the Great visited Troy as he began his journey of conquest. What did he visit there?
Greece and Turkey
In terms of modern geography, the Trojan War involves what two countries?
Importing some of the materials needed
The working of bronze in Greece required what?
Modern Greece
The archaeological discoveries of Prehistoric Greece took place during what period in the history of Greece?
“Build it up. Tear it down again.”
The history of Bronze Age and Dark Age Greece illustrates what principle best?