Cloud Tech Quiz

____ communication allows participants to leave messages for each other.
social media
____ communication allows participants to leave messages for each other.
When evaluating information provided on the web, always consider the ____.
privacy and security
Government agencies have not supported cloud computing due to the lack of ____.
When using ____ as a Service, a business does not have to oversee the storage, backup, or security of its data.
a database
The most popular search engines such as Google use ____ to store information about webpages.
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distance education
Through ____, nontraditional students can complete their coursework from the comfort of their own home.
Google relies on ____ to relay information related to its mapped software.
Playing online Scrabble with others on the web at any given time is an example of a ____ gaming experience.
smart phone
Airlines take advantage of ____ technology to inform users of flight delays and itinerary changes.
Music services such as Spotify use a ____ model of distribution.
Communication through Internet-based voice through services such as Skype is called ____ communication.
quality control
The reason online content cannot always be trusted is the lack of ____ on the web.
A search engine attempts to catalog every webpage by topic through the use of a ____.
____ tagging allows for tagging information with an associated location.
__________ computing delivers a variety of computing resources from the Internet as a service for free or for a fee.
Which of the following has the largest share of the search engine market?
iCloud is a ___________ cloud model.
it poses a risk to privacy and information security
A disadvantage of geolocation technology is that
The three categories of cloud computing services are infrastructure, platform, and application. The application category is referred to as