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Climate Change Versus The Kudzu Problem

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Climate Change Versus The Kudzu Problem: How Kudzu Will Survive The Climate Change Apocalypse December 7, 2012 Abstract The kudzu problem, also known as the invasive species Pueraria montana var. lobata, currently rages across the Southern US, drowning out the native vegetation and covering anything in its way, including human architecture. However, the kudzu faces the same upcoming trials as we do”climate change.

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Will the kudzu, having already stood the test of migration, handle the coming climate shift Just as well?

To answer this question, we examine the three characteristics of kudzu that allow it to succeed s an invasive species, outcompeting both native species and human landowners, and how these same characteristics will help it survive and thrive against climate change. Introduction Pueraria montana var. lobata’s debut into the South was a dramatic one. This Chinese import, commonly known as kudzu, was first introduced in the US in 1876, shown in the Plant Exhibition of the Philadelphia Centennial Expositions as an exotic Japanese plant, and later in 1883

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