CIS final

GIF images are always rectangular, but can use a(n) ____ background color to make the images appear to be nonrectangular.
One of the first items that Melissa installed was a(n) ____, which checks all incoming and outgoing traffic and only allows authorized traffic to pass through.
After patients log on, they should be able to download scanned versions of their X-rays and MRIs. These images should be provided in the ____ format.
____ bring buyers and sellers together to facilitate transactions between the two parties.
Brokerage sites
Cookies and spyware are possible privacy risks.
Heavy use of computers, combined with information overload and 24/7 accessibility via technology, can lead to ____—a state of fatigue or frustration brought about by overwork.
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The objective of ____ is to gather useful data about the system under study.
data collection
One controversial patent granted to Google in 2013 is for “____” advertising—a business model for charging advertisers according to the number of views an ad receives via a “head mounted gaze tracking device” (speculated to be Google Glass).
____ is used specifically for the purpose of recording keystrokes or otherwise monitoring someone’s computer activity.
Computer monitoring software
Web conferences typically take place via a personal computer or mobile phone and are used by businesses and individuals.
When intermediary hubs specialize in a specific industry (such as healthcare), they are sometimes called ____ hubs.
It is illegal to use computer monitoring software on your own computer or on the computers of your employees. _________________________
____ was originally developed as a programming language designed for processing text.
Fixed wireless Internet access is similar to satellite Internet in that it uses wireless signals, but it uses radio transmission towers instead of satellites.
A(n) keyword search uses a list of categories displayed on the screen. _________________________
____ tags are similar to HTML tags, but there are stricter rules about how the markup tags are written.
Some of the most popular Web site authoring programs are Microsoft Expression Web and ____.
Adobe Dreamweaver
You can surf anonymously, opt out of some marketing activities, and use filters and other tools to limit your exposure to spam.
A(n) ____ is a collection of elements (people, hardware, software, and data) and procedures that interact to generate information needed by the users in an organization.
information system
A ____ is a malicious program that masquerades as something else—usually as some type of application program.
Trojan horse
The goal of ____ is for your Web site to be listed as close as possible to the top of the search result hits that are displayed when an individual performs a Web search using keywords related to your site or business.
E-commerce business models (B2C, B2B, and so on) are not necessarily mutually exclusive. _________________________
Collecting in-depth information about an individual is known as ____.
electronic profiling
Repetitive stress injuries and other injuries related to the workplace environment are estimated to account for ____ of all serious workplace injuries.
New security risks are revealed all the time. For instance, it was recently discovered that data from some unencrypted smart meters can be accessed from nearly ____ away, enabling would-be burglars to monitor homes to see if they are occupied based on electricity usage within the homes.
1,000 feet
Similar to audio files, compressing video is frequently used on Web pages to speed up delivery. _________________________
Common multimedia elements included in online games are background music, sound effects, images, animated effects, narration, talking characters, and video clips. _________________________
Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)
Whenever you include content on a Web page that requires a(n) ____, include an obvious link that takes visitors to a Web page where they can download its free version.
C-level attacks can occur because of a natural disaster (such as a tornado, fire, flood, or hurricane), sabotage, or terrorist attack. _________________________
Some benefits can be computed relatively easily by calculating the amount of labor the new system will save, the reduction in paperwork it will allow, and so on. These gains are called ____ because they represent quantifiable dollar amounts.
tangible benefits
Users who want their desktop computers to remain powered up when the electricity goes off should use a(n) ____, as shown in the accompanying figure.
For the genomics division, Mother Goose is planning to replace the old system by the new one all at once. This is called a ____ conversion.
____ managers include supervisors, office managers, foremen, and other managers who supervise nonmanagement workers.
When you break a large document apart, consider including a link to view or download the entire document intact either as a Web page or in a common format, such as Word or ____.
In order to prevent others from stealing her logo, Jill should get a ____.
Research has shown that having an academic honor code does not effectively reduce cheating.
The GIF format uses lossless file compression, so the quality of the image is not decreased when it is saved in the GIF format. _________________________
Brenda also orders movies and television through the Internet via a(n) ____ provider, which allows users to download video for a small fee.
The figure above shows the components of a(n) information system. _________________________
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one of the top five projected fastest growing careers in the United States through 2018 is network systems and data communications analyst, with a projected growth of 53% by 2018. _________________________
Most Web pages today are written in a ____— a coding system used to define the structure, layout, and general appearance of the content of a Web page.
markup language
An emotional health concern related to computer use is ____.
addiction to the Internet or another technology
When a proposal for a new system or system modification is submitted, one of the first steps is to conduct a ____.
preliminary investigation
____ generally refers to applications and services that use the Web as a platform to deliver rich applications that enable people to collaborate, socialize, and share information online.
Web 2.0
Direct Internet connections are typically ____ connections.
Managers are usually classified into three categories: executive, ____, and operational.
____ includes any acts of malicious destruction to a computer or computer resource.
Computer sabotage
Each step of the ____ produces some type of documentation to pass on to the next step.
system development life cycle
The primary infrastructure that makes up the ____ is typically owned by communications companies, such as telephone and cable companies.
Internet backbone
Two specific types of ____ are e-commerce systems and point-of-sale (POS) systems.
order entry systems
People who use the Internet for activities, such as looking up telephone numbers, browsing through online catalogs, or making an online purchase, are referred to as “users.”
____, the most commonly used type of possessed knowledge, are secret words or character combinations associated with an individual.
One advantage of using personal computers for Internet access is that they have relatively large screens for viewing Internet content, and they typically have a full keyboard for easier data entry. _________________________
____ is the use of video cameras to monitor activities of individuals, such as employees or individuals in public locations, for work-related or crime-prevention purposes.
video surveillance
The first basic step in the development process of a multimedia Web site is ____.
creating the multimedia elements
Keyboard supports lower the keyboard, enabling the user to keep his or her forearms parallel to the floor more easily. _________________________
Promotion of a site refers to advertising its existence, purpose, and URL. _________________________
People who use the Internet for activities, such as looking up telephone numbers, browsing through online catalogs, or making an online purchase, are referred to as “users.”
Antivirus programs are usually set up to automatically download new ____ from their associated Web site on a regular basis.
threat definitions
The disaster recovery plan is also called a business continuity plan.
Extensive mouse use has also been associated with CVS.
Direct Internet connections are much slower than dial-up connections.
Businesses and ISPs typically archive e-mail messages that travel through their servers.
Although e-commerce is most often implemented today via Web sites, banks, for example, have been conducting e-commerce for years using private networks. _________________________
Electronic check processing is the first thing that comes to mind when considering online payments. _________________________
Semirugged PCs are designed to withstand drops of three feet or more onto concrete, extreme temperature ranges, wet conditions, and use while being bounced around over rough terrain in a vehicle.
Computer glasses are optimized for viewing in the intermediate zone of vision where a computer monitor usually falls. _________________________
One of the most obvious types of hardware loss is hardware theft. _________________________
The accompanying figure shows a(n) ____ credit card.
While a keyboard, mouse, monitor, and printer can be connected to a portable computer directly, a ____ is a device designed to more easily connect a portable computer to peripheral devices.
docking station
A ____ is responsible for maintaining a large, multiuser system.
system administrator
Phishing schemes use legitimate-looking e-mails to trick users into providing private information. _________________________
A(n) ____ is a collection of an individual’s work accessible through a Web site.
The various types of communications systems in place in many organizations include e-mail, messaging, online conferencing, ____, and telecommuting.
collaborative system
In response to the increased occurrence of identity theft, some local governments have removed birth and death information from their available online records.
B2B possibilities include buying goods and services needed for business operations, as well as purchasing manufacturing supplies and raw goods.
Like a computer virus, a ____ is a malicious program designed to cause damage.
computer worm
Recently, Sharon won a contract to photograph exhibits at the National Zoo. However, the magazine that commissioned these photos is located in a different state. Sharon can use a ____ to authenticate the validity of any contracts she signs electronically.
digital certificate
The BMP format is commonly used with scanned images. _________________________
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one of the top five projected fastest growing careers in the United States through 2018 is network systems and data communications analyst, with a projected growth of 53% by 2018. _________________________
The accompanying figure shows the MSN ____ Web page.
____ is the process of gathering, storing, accessing, and analyzing data about a company in order to make better business decisions.
business intelligence
For online shopping, signing up for free offers, discussion groups, product registration, and other activities that typically lead to junk e-mail, use a disposable or ____.
throw-away e-mail address
Some electronic tools, such as computer monitoring software and video surveillance equipment, can be used legally by individuals, businesses, and law enforcement agencies.
____ carry on written “conversations” with people in a natural language.
MISs are typically interactive and provide information on demand whenever a decision needs to be made.
In traditional system development, the phases of system development are carried out in a preset order.
Advocates of ____ state that, unless individuals or businesses protect their access points, they are welcoming others to use them.
war driving
A computer that is controlled by a hacker or other computer criminal is referred to as a ____.
Sans serif typefaces, such as Arial, do not have serifs and are frequently used for titles, headings, Web page banners, and other text elements that usually are displayed larger than body text or that otherwise need a more distinctive appearance.
Technically, the Internet is a physical network, and the Web is the collection of Web pages accessible over the Internet.
Some e-commerce Web sites utilize ____ to display environments or show what products (such as a car or a home) look like in the real world.
virtual reality
In addition to the normal business transaction processing systems, there are also specialty transaction processing systems used by law enforcement, the military, and other organizations.
____ tags are used by many (but not all) search engines to classify the Web page when it is added to a search database.
Prevention measures against the counterfeiting of documents—such as checks and identification cards—include using microprinting, watermarks, and other difficult-to-reproduce content. _________________________
Writing a computer virus or other type of malware or even posting the malware code on the Internet is not illegal, but it is considered highly unethical and irresponsible behavior.
The hard drives of computers that are to be disposed of should be destroyed before they are sold or recycled. _________________________
____ refers to identifying the browser used by each visitor, typically via JavaScript code.
browser sniffing
Most businesses and Web sites that collect personal information have a(n) ____ that discloses how the personal information you provide will be used.
privacy policy
Data mining used in conjunction with Web site data is referred to as Web mining. _________________________
One emerging type of Trojan horse is called a ____-Access Trojan.
There are many options for protecting yourself against computer monitoring by your employer or the government.
The GIS in the accompanying figure shows the locations of crime incidents based on the selected crime type, location, and date range.
The three main types of intellectual property rights are copyrights, trademarks, and ____.
Anthony regularly visits several popular political ____, which are Web pages designed to facilitate written discussions between people on specific subjects.
message boards
The ____ implements regulations for unsolicited e-mail messages and lays the groundwork for a federal Do Not E-Mail Registry.
The goal of ____ is to ensure that every child in the world has access to a rugged, low-cost, low-power connected laptop in order to provide them with access to new channels of learning, sharing, and self-expression.
Banner ads can be emotional ads—that is, ads that are targeted to individuals based on their preferences, buying habits, or interests. _________________________
Laptop ____ protect portable computers from scratches and other damage when they are carried in a conventional briefcase or bag.
____ occurs when someone obtains enough information about a person to be able to masquerade as that person for a variety of activities—usually to buy products or services in that person’s name.
identity theft
Typohunting is registering a domain name that is similar to a trademark or domain name but that is slightly misspelled in hopes that individuals will accidentally arrive at the site when trying to type the URL of the legitimate site. _________________________
A computer operations manager designs and builds the end-user interfaces and tools used with cloud services.
MISs are typically interactive and provide information on demand whenever a decision needs to be made.
Some human resources departments view college degrees from online diploma mills or other nonaccredited organizations as a form of digital manipulation.
By ____, you instruct companies you do business with that they cannot share your personal data with third parties.
opting out
Some expert systems are designed to take the place of human experts, while others are designed to assist them.
The ____ is cited as a disadvantage of Web-based training and distance learning by some educators.
lack of face to face
E-commerce credit card transactions are much less likely to be fraudulent than conventional credit card transactions.
Mary is interested in identifying the business needs of a system and ensuring the systems meet those needs. Her advisor will probably tell her to look into becoming a ____.
business analyst
FTP programs block access to a computer from outside computers and enable each user to specify which programs on his or her computer are allowed to have access to the Internet. _________________________
An inventory management system that goes beyond just inventory to act as a complete distribution system is referred to as a ____ management system (WMS).
In order to accept credit cards, a business typically opens an e-commerce merchant account, also called a(n) ____.
internet merchant account
John wants to reduce some of his day-to-day burden of inventory management and shipping. He should look into a(n) ____.
order- fulfillment company
A Java applet is a group of GIF images stored in a special animated GIF file that is inserted in a Web page.
In reaction to scandals, Congress passed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, which includes provisions to require ____ to personally vouch for the truth and fairness of their company’s disclosures.
CEOs and CFOs
Some people are ____ who learn best by doing.
E-commerce Web sites cannot be designed and developed in-house; instead, businesses have to outsource these tasks to a professional Web development company.
Most search sites use a ____—a software program—in conjunction with a huge database of information about Web pages to help visitors find Web pages that contain the information they are seeking.
search engine
Many online auction sites collect comments about transactions, typically called auctiontalk.
In 1992, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) introduced ____ as a voluntary labeling program designed to identify and promote energy-efficient products to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
energy star
The technician also found a ____ on the computer, which is designed to find sensitive information about the user located on the PC and then send it to the malware creator. The technician explains that this type of malware cannot replicate itself.
trojan horse
The legal concept of limited use permits limited duplication and use of a portion of copyrighted material for certain purposes, such as criticism, commentary, news reporting, teaching, and research. _________________________
The goal of business intelligence is to provide a detailed picture of an organization, its functions, and its systems, and the relationships among these items. _________________________