Chronicle of a Death Foretold Critical Essay

What does the first paragraph of the novel reveal about the story about to unfold?
Santiago Nasar is going to be murdered, give the reasons behind his murder.
What signs does Santiago Nasar overlook that would have forewarned his of his murder?
-He slept poorly, woke with a headache
-A letter is written telling him of his murder
Who is considered to be “the only one who had lost everything”? In what way is this accurate/inaccurate?
Bayardo San Roman:
-Accurate, lost his future (wife, family, marriage, pride…)
-Inaccurate, Angela was in love with Bayardo San Roman ( she sent letters, admitted it), the Vicario’s lost respect, Bayardo San Roman was a rich man, he could build a new future.
Describe the autopsy that is performed on Nasar. Who does it?
Father Amador. Performed at the public school, in the heat (was a massacre). Had the help of a first year medical student on holiday and the druggist. The mayor knew the autopsy could have no legal standing. The report concludes that the death has been brought on by a massive hemorrhage caused by any one of the seven fatal wounds.
What is the effect of the murder on the people of the town? How do those who could have done something to prevent it console themselves?
They’re still talking about the murder years later.
They believed that the severity of the crime deserved a cruel punishment (believe in honour). Some people thought he knew he was going to be murdered and didn’t need to be warned.
What precipitates the murder of Santiago Nasar?
He is accused of taking Angela Vicario’s virginity, and her brother Pablo and Pedro feel it is necessary to kill him to honour their family.
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What are the fates of the member of the Vicario family after the murder?
Pablo and Pedro serve 3 years on jail for murder, the rest of the family leave town. Pedro goes back to being in the army after jail and Pablo marries. Ponchio dies before they leave town.
Why does the narrator’s mother consider Angela Vicario’s putting on the wedding veil to be an act of courage?
She wasn’t a virgin but Placida Linero said “in those days, God understood such things”.
Which of the townspeople were forewarned of the murder? What are their reasons for not having spoken to Santiago Nasar about it?
The people at the butcher’s shop when the twins go to sharpen their knives, they don’t tell because they say the twins are drunk and they’re good people
and then Clothilde Armenta, the one who owns the milk shop, tries to tell her husband but he says she’s being silly.
What plea do the Vicario twins make at their trial?
They pleaded guilty. They did it out of honour, they would do it 1000 times over. They got a thrill out of it and don’t regret it.
How does Santiago Nasar learn and react to the news that the Vicario brothers are going to kill him?
He goes to his fiancee Flora Miguel’s house, her family tell him and he acts confused like he does not understand why they want to kill him.
Who do you feel is to blame for the murder?
Pablo and Pedro, they both influenced each other in the murder and took it upon themselves to go kill Santiago; no one encouraged them, they just thought it was the right thing to do.
In what ways does the narrator’s profession influence the way in which the novel is told?
It is written as a report of the murder, the structure brings all the characters together and helps the reader put the puzzle pieces together, rather than just being told the story.
Why do you think Garcia Marquez chose to make his narrator a journalist?
To enable the reader to take in everyone’s point of view, it gives the story an unbiased view on the murder and lets them form their own opinion. The format leaves you wondering what happens/why things happen.
The actual murder scene is withheld until the final page: What makes up the intervening pages?
A mixture of peoples opinions on the murder, you learn about the characters and their role or lack of a role in Santiago’s death.
What purpose is served by having the reader wait until the end to “see” the murder itself?
It builds suspense to the moment and gives the reader a chance to form their own opinion on its happenings as well as keeping the reader curious to know more.
What effect does this have on the reader?
They’re hooked to know what happens next, they feel more emotion in the moment than if they were just told the murder without the background information.

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