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Chemical element

True The half-lives of unstable isotopes vary from milliseconds to billions of years.The combining of atoms is known as nuclear fusion.Multiple choice (271)mints) The man responsible for discovering that the atom is mostly space is: Rutherford false statement concerning matter is: All matter contains mass.

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The true statement concerning the atomic nucleus is: It is made up of electrons only. The element has how many protons? 7 has how many neutrons? 146 Which statement is true? Isotopes of a given element have very similar chemical properties. The atomic number of an atom is equivalent to the number of: protons Rutherford coined the term used for the simplest positive charged particle and called it the: neutron An alpha particle is: an electron Select all that apply. In the vertical columns of the periodic table: All the physical properties are identical.

The number of positive charges in the nucleus of an atom is equal to: its atomic number Most of the mass of an atom is made up of: The protons and neutrons Movement of electrons about a central nucleus is a concept by: Boor Periodicity is best defined as: The repeating nature of physical and chemical properties with increasing The last element in any period always has: eight electrons in the outermost energy level The maximum number of electrons in a p sub-level is: 3 The 3 in up represent TTS: the number of electrons Name the element that corresponds to the following electron configuration. 2 , as , up neon 22 61 What does the p mean in Is as the p shell What causes the lines in the spectrum for elements? None of the above What is the maximum number of electrons found in any shell of the known elements? 8 A principal quantum number refers to: The numbered energy levels starting from the nucleus outward 2 2 The electron configuration of En is: Is In the vertical columns of the periodic table, as the atomic numbers increase: The numbers of electrons in the valence shell increase.

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