Chem 3 n 4

Greenhouse Effect
What is the natural process by which atmospheric gases trap a major portion (80%) of the infrared radiation radiated by the earth?
Carbon Cycle
What is the movement of carbon through living organisms, the atmophere, the sea and the earth?
Industrial Revolution
Prior to this key point in eaths atmospheric history large deposits of petroleum and coal were not being used as energy sources?
Water vapor
What is the most abundant greenhouse gas in the earth’s atmosphere?
What are influences on the environment that stem from human activities?
1. Coal 2. Petroleum 3. Natural Gas
What are the 3 main Fossil Fuels?
Atomic Mass
What is described in grams as the same number or elements found in exactly 12g of carbon?
What does 1 mole equal?
What does 1 mole of CO2 equal in g?
Carbon Footprint
What is an estimate of the amount of co2 and other greenhouse gas emissions in a given time frame?
Climate Migration
What is any action taken to permanetly eliminate or reduce the long-term risk and hazards of climate change to human life, property or the environment?
Carbon Capture and Storage
What involves seperating co2 from other combustion products and storing in a variety of geologic locations?
What is the chemical process of burning, the rapid combination of fuel with oxygen to release energy in the form of heat and light?
Potential Energy
What is stored energy or energy of position?
First Law of Thermodynamics
What is called the law of conservation of energy that states energy is neither created nor destroyed?
What is a unit of energy equal to .239 calories?
Second Law of Thermodynamics
What law states that the entropy of the universe is constantly increasing?
What is a measure of how much energy gets dispersed in a given process?
What yields more heat per gram coal or wood?
What fossil fuel contains a higher percentage of carbon and a lower percentage of oxygen?
What fossil fuel is the major energy source in the US?
What are hydrocarbons with only single bonds between carbon atoms?
What is a seperation process in which a solution is heated to its boiling point and the vapors are condensed and collected?
What is a measure of the average kinetic energy of the atoms or molecules present in a substance?
What is a device used to measure the quantity of heat energy released in a combustion reaction?
Heat of Combustion
What is the quantity of heat energy given off when a specified amount of a substance burns in oxygen?
What is any chemical or physical change accompanied by the release of heat?
Bond Energy
What is the amount of energy that must be asorbed to break a specific chemical bond?
Catalytic Reforming
What is it called when atoms within a molecule are rearranged usually starting with linear molecules and producing ones with more branches?
Reactions that happend quickly have low or high activation energy?
Metal Catalyst
What is used to break the C-0 Triple bonds and the CO molecules form bonds with the metal surface and then Hydrogen molecules also attach and process is preformed quickly?
What are renewable fuels derived from plant matter such as trees, grasses or agricultural crops?
Cellulosic Ethanol
What is the ethanol produced from corn stalks, switchgrass, wood chips and other materials that are non editable by humans?
When biodiesel is synthesized what is the by product and when 9 pounds of biodiesel are made 1 pound of this is made?
Natural Gas
What Fossil Fuel burns the cleanest and releases no Sulfur Dioxide?
What is a measure of the average speed of that motion and determines the direction of the heat flow?
After the coal is burned what is the last thing it goes through before creating electricity?
What must turn in order to create the electricity of steam in a coal plant?
True or False the higher the temperature of the steam the more efficient the power plant?
Kinetic Energy
After the Potential energy goes through a burner what type of energy is created?
Mechanical Energy
After the Kinetic energy goes through a gas turbine what type of energy is created?
Endo or exothermic energy will have products with higher energy?
What fossil fuel must be refined before use?