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Checkpoint Jsbmha and Hipaa Case Study

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Checkpoint: JSBMHA and HIPAA Case Study Phoebe Edwards Carrie Cooper 4/18/13 1. How does HIPPA serve to protect patient rights? A patient’s health information can be shared with doctors and hospitals for treatment and care. The information can also be shared with family members who the patient has given permission to access the patient’s records. HIPPA’s guidelines make clear exactly what information about patients is protected. Called PHI, this information includes anything that would identify a patient, from name, Social Security numbers and addresses to broader identifiers like race, age and home state.

Information about the person’s health care needs or medical history is also considered PHI. HIPPA guidelines dictate that this information cannot be shared except in particular instances, including when the individual patient requests their own personal information, or when privacy investigation by the Department of Health and Human Services requires it. 2. What areas of the JSBMHA did HIPAA compliance impact? HIPPA has a great impact on the patients’ rights, all areas of the JSBMHA is affected by these two individuals. It affected the patients, and put the agency in an awkward position.

It affected the grandmother which she can make others aware about what happened and this could affect the agency negatively. People who are involved with the agency could make people feel uncomfortable about giving them any information. And this mean any information is not safe at JSBMHA, and the trust has been violated. 3. What actions should the JSBMHA director take about the HIPAA violation? I think that both of them should get suspended, this is a serious violation. They have put JSBMHA in a very bad situation and have lost the trust of the family.

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Checkpoint Jsbmha and Hipaa Case Study

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Jim know better ,because he has been with JSBMHA for a long time, longer then Betty, he should have told her that she should have not be talking about these clients outside of the office. I think that Jim should get fired because he know ‘s better, after being at the JSMHA for 20 years is a long time to be with JSMHA and it is more than enough time to know and understand the rules. Jim was supposed to be an example to Betty, someone who Betty can learn from. JSMHA should fired Jim and Betty because Jim did not tell about the HIPAA rules.

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