Chapters 1-8 Ben Carson

Ben’s mothers name
Sonya Carson
Ben’s mother grew up in
Ben’s brother’s name is
Robert Carson is
Ben’s father.
Ben’s mom divorced Ben’s dad because he
had another family.
Sonya, Ben, and Curtis moved to Boston, Massachusetts because
Sonya couldn’t pay the bills.
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Sonya Carson made how much money per week?
One hundred dollars.
Sonya Carson made how much money per month?
Four to five hundred dollars.
Was Ben’s family on Welfare?
No, Sonya Carson wanted to pay the bills on her own.
Ben’s nickname in fifth grade was
Why couldn’t Ben’s mother read?
She dropped out of school in the third grade.
Ben’s mother got married when she was
Ben is a
In Sonya Carson’s letter, who is to blame if you make a mistake?
When Ben was teased at school, he
ignored his peers.
What happen to Ben that allowed him to see better and to pull up his grades?
Eye glasses
How does Ben Carson help students go to college?
Scholarship money
What hospital does Ben work for?
John Hopkins Hospital
How did Ben fix his anger?
The Bible
What college did Ben attend?
What two colleges was Ben trying to divide between?
Harvard and Yale
One of Ben’s major accomplishments was
separating the twins.
Ben was how old when his father left?
No matter how tired Sonya Carson was, She always asked her boys about
When Ben moved to Boston he lived in an
apartment with his aunt and uncle.
Ben was afraid of the rats in Boston, he said they were as big as
Ben’s mother made him write how many book reports per week?
Ben could only watch how many TV shows per week?
Each week, Ben was expected to go to the
library and study.
Ben’s mother said that if he learned to
read, he could do anything!
Ben’s peers at Hunter Junior High criticized him, the students call it
Ben changed schools when he was in the 8th grade in order to move back to
the house on Deacon Street.
Ben lost his temper and he threw a
lock at his classmate and made a three inch gash in his head.
Ben asked his mother to buy him an Italian knit shirt and it was
seventy-five dollars.
Ben nearly killed his friend Bob because he
changed the radio station.
Ben almost killed his friend by
stabbing him.
Ben started prayed in order to
control his temper.
Ben was teased at school because of his
Ben would hide when he went to the grocery story because he did not want his peers to see him with
food stamps.
How did Ben know more about the ROTC program than anyone else?
Curtis was in the ROTC
Sergeant Hunt challenged Ben, what was his challenge?
Ben took over the 5th period ROTC class.
What was wrong with the students in the 5th period ROTC class?
They were unruly, uncooperative, and exasperating.
Was Ben’s challenge successful? Did he “fix” the students?
Yes, Ben was promoted and the fifth period class became the top ROTC class.
Ben made the highest score on the
ROTC exam.
Ben did not accept the scholarship that West Point gave him because he
wanted to be a doctor.
During the summers to save money, Ben worked at
Ford Motor Company and the Biology Laboratory.
Ben thought Yale was lucky to have him until he realized that
he was not the only bright student at Yale.
When Ben was in high school, he would cram for a day, take a test and pass. In college, Ben learned he had to
study every single day in order to pass.
Ben was failing what class his first semester at Yale?
Chemistry is what type of class?
Who came to Ben in a dream and helped him to pass his Chemistry final?
A shadowy figure/God
All of the students at Yale spent a lot of money, they were
Ben found how much money when he was walking to the Chapel?
Ten dollars
Ben became head of a crew of guys and their job was to
pick up trash.
Ben was given ten dollars through a reward for being