chapter 9 post test

a study of twins found that 52 percent of the identical twin siblings were both homosexual, and that only 22 percent of fraternal twins and 11 percent of adopted brothers and sisters were homosexual.
Which of the following is evidence that sexual orientation is influenced by genetics?
nearly 50%
According to the Kinsey study, _____ percent of males had bisexual experiences.
display rules are learned, not innate.
Which statement is true about display rules?
to trigger eating responses when insulin levels goes up
The role of the lateral hypothalamus is:
biologically determine patterns of behavior
One of the earliest approaches to motivation focused on
In the ________ approach to motivation, behavior is explained in terms of an external stimulus and its rewarding properties
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Ryan and Deci’s self-determination theory asserts that the three primary human interpersonal needs are competence, relatedness, and
to determine whether physical arousal has to be interpreted cognitively before it can be labeled as an emotion
in the classic Schachter-Singer “angry man/happy man” experiment, participants were given a drug to elicit a physical response and then exposed to two different conditions. One group was paired with a confederate pretending to be angry, and the other group with a confederate pretending to be happy. What was the main objective of this experiment?
The argument that people with spinal cord injuries can experience emotions without physical feedback from the sympathetic organs to the cortex initially seemed to support which emotional theory?
The theory that we experience emotion first with physical arousal (e.g., increased heart rate, shaky hands), which then leads to awareness of the emotion, is the
sexual orientation
A person’s sexual attraction and affection for members of either the opposite or the same sex is called
An example of a stimulus motive is