Chapter 9 Key Terms

Compatibility View
A new feature in Internet Explorer 8 that provides backward compatibility for Web sites and application that were targeted for previous versions of Internet Explorer.
Device Stage
A feature for printers and other devices that displays all of the relevant information and management options for a device in a single location.
Enhanced Metafile format (EMF)
The format used for spool files in pre-Windows 7 versions of Windows.
Graphics Device Interface (GDI)
Format used for displaying screen content in pre windows vista versions of windows
Indexing service
A service that indexes files in specified locations to speed up search queries.
InPrivate Browsing
An Internet Explorer 8 feature that prevents caching of Web content and logging of Web activity in Internet Explorer.
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Virtual folders in Windows Explorer that combine content from multiple locations to simplify file access.
Location aware printing
A feature for mobile computers that associates a specific default printer with a physical location.
Manage Add-ons
A new tool in Internet Explorer 8 that makes it easier to identify, disable, and remove unwanted Add-ons.
Information or properties for a file or other object. Windows 7 allows you to include tags as additional metadata for files.
Point and print
a system used by windows to distribute printer drivers over the network when network printers are installed
Popup Blocker
An Internet Explorer feature that prevents most popup advertising from being displayed while you browse Web sites.
A common language used by printers to describe how a page is printed.
Print Management snap-in
A new printer management tool in Windows 7 that allows you to manage local and remote printers.
Printer Control Language (PCL)
A common language used by printers to describe how a page is printed.
Printer Driver
Software used by Windows 7 to properly communicate with a specific make and model of printer.
Printer driver package
An enhanced printer driver that can contain additional software.
Printer driver store
A location in Windows 7 that caches printer drivers and is capable of storing multiple versions of a printer driver.
Really Simple Syndication (RSS)
A format for distributing content as articles. Internet Explorer 7 is capable of reading RSS feeds.
Saved Search
A virtual folder that contains the files matching a search query.
Smart Screen Filter
an internet explorer 8 feature that warns you about webs sites known to install malicious software or used in phishing attacks.
Suggested Sites
A list of Web sites provided by Internet Explorer 8 based on the content that you are currently looking at.
Tabbed browsing
A feature in Internet Explorer 8 that allows multiple Web sites to be open in the same window.
Additional metadata that can be added to the properties of a file.
Web Slices
Small pieces of content from a Web site that notify you in Internet Explorer 8 when there is an update.
Windows Fax and Scan
A new utility in Windows 7 to manage scanning and faxing.
XML Paper Specification (XPS)
A document format that describes how a page should be displayed. XPS is similar to Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).
XML Print Capabilities
A new system to advertise the capabilities of a printer.
XML Print Ticket
An XML file that describes the settings for a print job.

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