Chapter 8 – The Last Dance

The death customs of the ancient Egyptians reveal
A culture focused on acquiring mortuary goods and preparing for the afterlife
In ancient Egyptian culture, the “Ba” is a
Psychic force
Unlike cultures where the funeral is primarily a vehicle for preparing the dead to successfully migrate to the afterworld, the American funeral is primarily
Focused on the welfare of the bereaved
In the United States, funerals are mainly
Focused on the welfare of survivors
Funerals are akin to other major transitions in a person’s life in that they all involve
Rites of passage
David Sudnow’s study on death revealed that
Announcements of death usually occur in a consistent pattern from the immediate family to the wider community
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Approximately what percentage of Americans knew within the first hour of President John F. Kennedy’s death
The funeral business is generally viewed as a
Mystery business
Why did the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) implement the Trade Regulation Rule on Funeral Industry Practices (4)
– To counteract the potential for abuses.
– It stipulates that funeral service providers must give detailed information about prices and legal requirements to people who are arranging funerals.
– It requires the disclosure of itemized prices both over the telephone and in writing.
– Misrepresentations about the disposition of human remains are prohibited, as are certain practices, such as embalming for a fee without prior permission.
Which of the following were normal functions of the undertaker in the late nineteenth century
– Assumed a larger role in caring for the dead.
– He began to actually take part in the disposition of the dead: laying out the body for the wake, transporting it to the church for the funeral and taking it to the cemetery for burial
Funeral parlors acquired that name because
Funerals moved from the parlor in a family’s home to a room reserved for such use by the undertaker. The funeral parlor in town became a substitute for the ceremonial room that people no longer had in their own homes
According to Bertram Puckle, funeral rites were
merely the vestige of a “pagan” superstitious fear of the dead.
According to LeRoy Bowman, modern funerals
Were overlaid with such ostentation that the essential meaning and dignity of funeral rites had all but disappeared
Jessica Mitford found modern funeral practices to be
Bizarre and morbid; efforts to disguise and prettify death made it more grotesque
Personalized funerals are also called
Roadside memorials marking travel-related deaths
Has a long history.
– Prehistoric traders buried their dead beside the trails of Europe.
– Descansos.
– Have spread from a regional southwestern Hispanic usage to appear throughout the United States.
Excluding cemetery costs, the average cost of a funeral in the United States is now approximately
$6,600 (2009)
President Lincoln’s funeral procession increased awareness of the practice of
Embalming – Atrial embalming
The FTC Funeral Rule requires that mortuaries to obtain
express permission to embalm from the family in order to charge a fee for the procedure
The most popular choice of casket in the United States is made of
Steel, the gasketed steel casket
Which of the following is generally considered an experimental medical technology
Cryonics or cryogenic suspension is a method of
That involves preserving a corpse (or only the head) by FREEZING IT IN LIQUID NITROGEN and keeping it frozen until some future time when medical science is sophisticated enough to allow for resuscitation and continued life
In which of the following countries is cremation the most common method of body disposal
India and Japan
The ashes left from the cremation process
Look and feel like coarse coral sands whose shell-like components are worn by the wind and waves
According to William Lamers, substituting a memorial service for a traditional funeral is lacking in which ways (3)
2. MEMBERS OF THE FAMILY ARE NOT EXPOSED TO THE FACT THAT DEATH HAS OCCURRED, nor do they participate as fully as they would in making funeral arrangements and going through the funeralization process
3. THE BODY IS NOT PRESENT AT A MEMORIAL SERVICE, thus removing the therapeutic benefit that comes with facing the fact of death in the minds of mourners
wake is best defined as a
vigil at which those close to the deceased keep watch over the body
david sudnow’s study on death notification revealed that
notification occurs in a consistent pattern from the immediate family to the wider community
what is the primary requirement of the FTC funeral rule?
Funeral servie providers must give accurate, detailed information about prices and legal requirements to people who are arranging funerals
historically, when a family ceremonial occasions involving death were held within the home, what serves did the undertaker provide
supplying materials and funeral paraphaneila
funeral parlors acquired the name because
viewing the body used to take place in the ceremonial room of the home
what were the casket and sunnyside
early trade publications to help facilitate communication among funeral directors
according to Leroy bowman, modern funerals
are overlaid with such ostentation that the essential meaning and dignity of such rites has all but dissapeared
jessica mitford found modern funeral practices to be
roadside memorials
have a long history
which of the following fees are included in a mortuary basic charge for professional services
consulting with family members and clergy
funeral have compared to a
theatrical presentaion
president lincolns funeral procession increased awareness of the practice of
which of the following prefer cremation to ground rural
which of the following types of body disposition will delay decomposition the most
corpse buried in a casket
it has been said that no land in the united states is more sacred than the square mile of
arlington national cemetery
after cremation, the ashes are
in a granular state like coarse coral sand
what is a “green” technique that can substitute for the conventional cremation process
which of the following is considered a new direction in funeral and body disposition?
having a space burial on a rocket
which of the following is generally considered an expiremtnal technology
what is the hawaiian “feast of fears”
a joyful reunion of the beareved