Chapter 8 Lesson 4 Questions

How did Greek sculpture and drama change during the Hellenistic Era?
Sculptures became more realistic, showing people as they really are.
Some dramas were written about ordinary people rather than about the gods.
How are the sculptures of human figures different from those in the Golden Age of Greece?
The sculptures are more realistic and show more emotion and movement.
Why did Greek scientists study the circumference of Earth?
It was part of astronomy and geography. Greek scientists used that measurement to calculate the size of the sun and the moon and the distance from Earth to the sun and the moon.
Why did Alexandria become a major center of learning?
It was in good location of the Mediterranean coast. It had the largest library in the world and a museum that many researchers used for their work.
How were Epicureanism and Stoicism similar? How were they different?
They are similar because they both wanted to have simple and happy lives, but their ideas about how to achieve that goal were different.
Epicureans saw happiness as a goal of life and thought the way to get it was to avoid pain and worry and spend time with friends.
But the Stoics believed it was their duty to serve the community and that their lives should be ruled by reason and sound thinking, and emotions would lead to unhappiness.
How did the Greek city-states react to Rome’s growing power?
They were afraid; they tried to stop Rome by supporting Rome’s enemies in wars, but they were not successful and were defeated by the Romans.
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What contributions did Archimedes make to science?
He established the science of physics, explained the lever and compound pulley, worked on solid geometry, calculated the value of pi, and invented weapons of war.
What beliefs about Earth and the heavens were proved by the discoveries of Aristarchus and Eratosthenes?
Aristarchus disapproved the belief that Earth is the center of the universe by discovering that Earth circles the sun.
Eratosthenes disapproved the idea that Earth is flat by discovering that it is round