Chapter 7 World History Vocab

A farmer who gave either taxes or food to the nobles in exchange for protection from the Lord.
A wandering poet or singer of medieval Europe.
A unpaid trainer of a certain trait. Would not live on the land or eat food that he learned.
King Clovis
Established a Christian culture that solidified his kingdom to everyone; He was a Frank
Salaried worker employed guild master.
A land that the lord would give to his nobles and serfs for them to work on.
The contract that provides a outline the rules that a city would have.
St. Francis of Assisi
Founded the Franciscans. Gave up all his wealth because the Church was abusing their power. Renewed their vows of Chastity, Obedience, Poverty. Founded the Friars.
Papal Supremacy
Claim of medieval popes that they had authority over all secular rulers.
Started at age 7, a mounted warrior, very popular throughout the town.
Pope Leo and Charlemagne
Pope Leo asked Charlemagne to help defeat a group and later gave Charlemagne the Emperor of the Romans. Charlemagne wasn’t Roman.
Treaty of Verdun
The treaty split Charlemagne’s Empire into 3 separate parts. Charlemagne’s grandsons made it.
Feudal Contract
A contract between two people who exchange on thing for another
Marriage in noble society
The people who want to marry a noble, the person who wants to marry has to pay a fee called a dowery to the girls family
The way that the medieval time were ran. Lord’s gave lands to nobles and serfs in return for food or money from the serfs.
Benedictine Rule
Spread to the monasteries across Europe. Must be obedient, poverty and chastity
Truce of God
The Church tried to use its great authority to end warfare among nobles. It declared periods of temporary peace. It demanded fighting to stop between friday and sunday each week.
Medieval Cities
Dirty, Over-crowed, tall houses, gross,
Missi dominicid
The governors that would monitor and report the life at at his kingdom.
Nomadic people who settled in today’s Hungary. Invaders of Western Europe that stopped and pushed back to Hungary.
Sailors, independent farmers. Invaded Western Europe
Be brave, loyal and true to their word.
Manor system
It was a part of feudalism. The serfs pays up from the nobles in exchange for protection from other cities. Self-sufficient and they gain protection on the land. They produced everything that they needed for life. The lord would give the fief to the serfs. The people on the land would pay a fee, taxes, or food payed up to the lord for protection.
Friars vs Monks
Friars were Franciscans, they did not live in monasteries. And they traveled more than Monks. Monks lived in monasteries.
The group who welcomed women who were not wanted. They were the female-version of the Friars.
Middle class of medieval society
It formed because of the commercial revolution.

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