Chapter 7 reading quiz college geography

Quant system
Iranian practiced of tapping into groundwater through a series of gently sloping tunnels; other adaptation includes waterwheels, flood irrigation and canal system
In Egypt built in 1970 increased water storage and generates water storage and generates electricity, but also increases salinization, sedimentation of lake Nasser, and cases of schistosomiasis (parasitic disease carried in water
Hydro politic
The interplay of water resource issued and politics; it has raised tensions between countries that share drainage basins
Translation from Arabic “western island” (Morocco , Algeria and Tunisia); Atlas Mountains on Mediterranean east coast are related to alps in Europe; topography varies from mountains to sand
Eastern Mediterranean region, including Lebanon; mountains with in 20 miles of the ocean; Arabian peninsula is a plateau, sloping eastward ; rugged highlands in Oman and Yemen; drifting dune fields elsewhere
Anatolian plateau
The large peninsula of Turkey, also sometimes called Asia Minor; average height 3000 to 5000 feet, prone to earthquakes, Elburz mountains in northern Iran are >18000 feet
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Land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in modern day Iraq
Physiologic densities
The number of people relative to the amount of farm land
Pastoral nomadism
A traditional form of subsistence agriculture in which practitioners depend on regular and systematic seasonal movement of livestock for a large part of their livelihood; some nomads practice
Collectively worked settlements in Israel that produced grain vegetable, and orchard crops; these are made by exotic rivers
Islam influenced city form, with the most common form the walled urban core; European colonists also left their imprint on architecture
To areas with growing job opportunities
With Turkish guest workers moving to Germany, Algerians and Moroccans mostly to France, others to North America
Left Iran
During political turmoil of the 1980’s
Persians and Kurds
“Kurdistan” has been called the “world’s largest nation without its own political state”
(Iran) and Turkey were directly colonized; Britain and Russia has spheres of economic influence in Persia which was technically independent
Muammar Al-Qaddafi
Libya leader
Hosi murbark
Egypt leader
Sudan leader
Of the worlds proven oil reserves
Turkey economy
Has a diversified economy with agriculture (cotton, tobacco, wheat, fruit) and industry ( textiles, food, chemicals) and tourism
Is trying to become a member of the EU