Chapter 7, Gathering Materials

Gathering materials for speech is different from gathering information for any project.
List some resources you can use:
a. Interview people with specialized knowledge.
b. Research on the Internet.
c. Research on the library.
d. Use yourself as a resource – whenever you have personal experience or above-average knowledge about a subject.
We often speak worst about subjects with which we are familiar.
Diabetic’s story has what?
Color and emotion
List the resources you can find in the library that can help you to find what you need.
a. Librarians
b. the catalog
c. reference works
d. newspaper and periodical databases
Librarian can help you to track down a specific piece of information.
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A listing of all the books, periodicals, and other resources owned by a library.
The catalog also tells you whether the book you want is available or already checked out.
The key to finding the book on the shelves is called
the call number.
shelves are also called what?
call number
A number used in libraries to classify books and periodicals and to indicate where they can be found on the shelves.
reference work
A work that synthesizes a large amount of related information for easy access by researchers.
Where are reference works usually kept?
in a part of the library called the reference section
The right reference work can save you hours of ______ by putting at your fingertips a ______ that might be difficult to locate through the library catalog.
a. time
b. wealth of information
List major kinds of reference works you are likely to use for your speeches.
a. encyclopedias
b. yearbook
c. quotation books
d. biographical aids
Give an example of encyclopedia.
Encyclopedia Britannica.
Give some examples of special encyclopedias.
African American Encyclopedia, the Encyclopedia of Religion, and the McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology.
Library research is ______ for most speeches. Knowing the resources available in your library and how to use them efficiently will make the research process much more ______.
a. vital
b. productive
Yearbooks are published.
Two of the most valuable yearbooks are
Facts on File and World Almanac and Book of Facts.
The best-known collection of quotations is
Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations. It has long been regarded as indispensable source for speakers and writers alike.
Other excellent quotation books include
the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, The New Quotable Woman, and Ancient Echoes:Native American Words of Wisdom.
Biographical Aids
Turn to one of the many reference works that contain brief life and career facts about contemporary men and women.
The most popular biographical aids are published by
Who’s Who in America.
List some specialized biographical aids
Contemporary Black Biography, Dictionary of Hispanic Biography, and Who’s Who Among Asian Americans.
newspaper and periodical database
A research aid that catalog articles from a large number of magazines, journals, and newspapers.
Newspaper and periodical databases allow you to locate articles in thousands of publications, including Time, Atlantic, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal.
Abstract is only the summary of the article.
You should never cite an article in your speech on the basis of the abstract alone. Always consult the full article.
Three major databases:
a. ProQuest
b. LexisNexis Academic
c. World News Connection
Academic database
A database that catalog articles from scholarly journals.
List three best places to find scholarly research
InfoTrac OneFile
Google Scholar
The world’s biggest library
the Internet
Use the Internet to supplement, not to replace, library research.
search engine
type keywords inside quotation marks, in this way you will only get documents that contain the exact phrase.
To narrow your search use plus sign. The + sign limits the search to items that contain both sets of keywords, “college cheerleading” and “sports injury”
Google also allows you to narrow your search by the kind of research source that will serve you best. News at the top of the page to explore recent news stories.
List specialized research resources
a. Virtual Libraries
b. Government Resources
c. The Special Case of Wikipedia
The best virtual library on the Internet
Virtual library
A search engine that combines interne technology with traditional library methods of cataloguing and assessing data.
Biggest encyclopedia in human history.
Wikipedia, 7th most visited website in the world.
Wikipedia is a good place to start learning, but it is not a good place to end.
What are three criteria you can use to help distinguish between the jewels and the junk on the Internet?
a. authorship
b. sponsorship
c. recency
You should not cite a book, magazine, electronic work, and articles without identifying the author and his or her credentials.
sponsoring organization
An organization that, in the absence of a clearly identified author, is responsible for the content of a document on the Internet.
What if you cant’ verify the credentials of an author or identify a credible sponsoring organization for an Internet document?
Advantage of using the Internet
it often has more recent information than you can find in print sources.
If you can’t find the date on which a Web document was created or last modified, search for another work whose recency you can verify.
Research interview
An interview conducted to gather information for a speech.
Tips for doing research
a. Start early
b. Make a preliminary bibliography
c. take notes efficiently
d. think about your materials as your research
preliminary bibliography
A list compiled early in the research process of works that look as if they might contain helpful information about a speech topic.
What is the first step to more efficient note taking?
Subject heading
Give an example of a research in which the speaker reverse her position. An example of creative research- and of critical thinking.
Francesca Lopez began her speech preparation with this central idea in mind: “Wild animals make more interesting pets than dogs and cats”. By the time she finished her research, her central idea was “The importation of wild animals for use as pets in inhumane.”
What is the most creative part of your speech preparation?
Gathering materials
Tips for doing research
a. start early
b. make a preliminary bibliography
c. take notes efficiently
How to take notes efficiently
a. take plenty of notes
b. record notes in a consistent format
c. make a separate entry for each note
d. distinguish among direct quotations, paraphrases, and your own ideas