Chapter 6 Review

For heavy business use, the best practice is to purchase one machine for one purpose, instead of bundling many functions into a single machine.
The developing, transferring, fusing, and cleaning steps of the laser printing process use the printer components that undergo the most wear.
Laser printers automatically calibrate themselves periodically.
If a user complains that a printer is not printing, the problem always lies with the printer itself.
If loose toner comes out with your printout, the fisher is not reaching the proper temperature and professional service is required.
_____ printers work by placing toner on an electrically charged rotating drum and then depositing the toner on paper as the paper moves through the system at the same speed the drum is turning.
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A laser printer can produce better-quality printouts than a dot matrix printer, even when printing at the same dpi, because it can vary the size of the dots it prints, creating a sharp, clear image using a technology called ____.
________ printers tend to smudge on inexpensive paper, and they are slower than laser printers.
_______ transfer printers use a ribbon that contains wax-based ink.
How is a network printer indentified on the network?
By its IP address.
Automatically printing on both sides of the page is called ______ printing.
A_____ printer connects directly to a computer by way of a USB port, parallel port, serial port, or wireless connection.
A dedicated device or computer called a printer ____ can control several printers connected to a network.
When you print to the Microsoft XPS Document Writer printer, it creates a(n)_____ file.
to know the IP address of a network printer, direct the printer to print a _____ page.
______ is a language used to communicate how a page is to print and was developed by Adobe Systems.
What is the process called when windows revieves a print job from an application and places the job in a print queue?
What is the first thing you should do to get toner dust off your clothes?
Use a can of compressed air to blow off the toner.
Which of the following is true regarding cleaning a printer?
Wipe the rollers on a laser printer with a dry cloth.
How do you know if a printer needs routine maintenance?
Using the number of pages the printer has printed since the last maintenance.
Before replacing an image drum, what should you do first?
Unplug it and allow the printer to cool down.
What can you do to improve a printer’s performance?
Increase the memory.
Which of the following is a program embedded in firmware that manages print jobs?
Print Server
Which of the following should you check to verify the port a printer us using is enabled and working?
Device Manager
What tool can you use to stop and restart the Windows print spooler?
Service Console
______________ printers use a type of ink-dispersion printing.
the ______ printer is the one Windows prints to unless another is selected.
A(n) ______ printer has its own NIC.
Extreme ______ can cause the toner to clump in the cartridge and give a toner low message.
A(n) ________ image appears a few inches below the actual darker image on the page.
A type of photoelectric printer that can range from a small, personal desktop model to a large, network printer capable of handling and printing large volumes continuously.
laser printer
Uses a print head that moves across the paper, creating one line with each pass.
Inkjet Printer
Creates a printed page by using some mechanism that touches or hits the paper.
Impact Printer
Builds the page and then sends it to the printer.
Windows GDI
Text data that contains no embedded control characters is sent to the printer as is, and the printer can print it without any processing.
Raw Data
Long-handled brush made of nylon fibers that are charged with static electricity.
Extension Magnet Brush
Bits in a row and columns.
Each row in a bitmap.
Raster Line
Are usually caused by a problem with the image drum or toner cartridge.
Ghosted Images
Used to align and/or clean inkjet nozzles.

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