Chapter 6 Quiz

What does the audience members leaning forward in their seats indicate?
They are involved in the presentation.
What is the problem with trying to give a five minute presentation on ecology?
The topic needs to be narrowed.
What does the speaker do in the discovery phase of selecting a topic?
identify large topic areas
What does the speaker do in the exploration phase of selecting a topic?
identify specific topics
What does the speaker do in the refinement phase of selecting a topic?
identify purposes
How long should you give yourself to select a topic?
1 week
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What should you refrain from in the initial stage of brainstorming?
Which of the following is a nondirective technique?
What is the name for the habitual paths that the mind follows?
What are we trying to change when we practice mind mapping?
our basic patterns of expression
What type of thinking does mind mapping utilize?
Who uses questions similar to those employed in topic analysis?
news writers
What is a crucial consideration in topic selection?
audience benefit
What general concept do the steps in refining your topic elaborate?
When you scan newspapers, television, and magazines to try and get ideas for your speech, what are you using?
media prompts
Which of the following is a directive technique?
topic analysis
An invitation to speak will usually include what sort of purpose?
What is the general purpose of a speech to inform?
share knowledge
What is the general purpose of a speech to persuade?
give advice
Sometimes speakers forget that their audience doesn’t know as much about the topic as the speaker does. In doing so, what trap have they fallen into?
What is the flaw in the following specific purpose, ìTo inform my audience about New York City?î
too general
What is the final refinement you make in preparing a topic called?
thesis statement
What is a topic briefing?
How does a topic briefing help you do a better job as a speaker?
helps you anticipate problems
A good topic is one that involves you and one that you care about.
Ideal listeners do not ask questions.
The discovery phase of the process involves identifying large topic areas that seem promising.
Brainstorming is a technique that encourages and harnesses free associations in response to the challenge of topic discovery.
Brainstorming is a directive technique of topic discovery
The classical writers on rhetoric were the first to suggest that the mind follows certain habitual paths called topoi.
Mind mapping establishes certain basic patterns of expression we take for granted in order to free our minds for creative exploration.
Topic analysis uses a system of questions similar to that used by news writers.
Invitations to speak outside class will usually indicate the general purpose for your
The specific purpose states exactly what you will do in the speech.
ouble focus is rarely a problem for speakers
A hidden specific purpose is an effective technique because it keeps the audience alert.
Be wary of colorful language in a thesis statement.
A topic area inventory shows just how different you are from your audience.
A topic analysis is a directive system of exploring your subject area.