Chapter 6 criminal justice

Calculus of reasonableness.
Whixh of the following is not part of the police used of force continum
Criminal intelligence
The information complied another and disseminated in an effort to anticipate prevent or monitor criminal activity
Police ethics
Special responsibility to adhere to moral duty and obligation that is inherent in police work is known as.
Racial bias
Which of the following is not an element of federal deadly force
Excessive force
Application of an amount of frequency of focus greater than that requires to compel compliance from a willing or unwilling subject is known as
Graham v Connor
Which of the following. Ashes did the court establish the standard of “objective reasonableness” under which as officers use
Of deadly force could be assessed I. Terms of “reasonableness at the moment
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Intelligence led policing
(Blank) is the collection and analysis of information to produce an intelligence end product designed to inform police decision making at both the tactical and strategic levels
Excessive use of force
Which of the following refers to the phenomenon of force being used unacceptably offer on a department wide basis
Which of the following is an example of w biological weapon
Tennessee v garner
Which of the following US Supreme Court cases specified the conditions under which deadly force could be used to apprehend a suspected felon
Internal affairs
Which of the following branches of police organization is tasked with investigating charges of wrongdoing involving members of department
Deadly force
Internal use of a firearm or other instrument resulting in high probability of death is know as
Davis v Dallas
Which Supreme Court case is NOT directly relevant to police civil issues
Police professionalism
The increasing formalization of police work and the accompanying rise in public acceptance of the police is known
Playing favorites
Which among the following examples if the lowest level of police corruption
(Blank) profiling is known as any police action initiated on the basis of the race, ethnicity or. Stop already origin of a suspect rather than on the behavior of that individual or in information that identifies the individual as. Sing or having been engaged in criminal activity
An agency’s culture of integrity
The research reported in enhancing police integrity published by the department of justice found that (blank) are important in shaping the ethics of police officers
Jerome skolnick
Who coined the phrase working personality of police officers
Officers who have adopted the police working personality are often all of the following EXCEPT
Officers who accept small bribes and minor services from citizens
What is the meaning of the term eater as a form of police corruption
Reduced sensitivity to racial issues
Which of the following is NOT a benefit of educated police officers
We’re good natured and well liked by the department
A recent study by the FBI found that most slain officers
The officer is liable for monetary damages
When a police officer arrests someone based on an improperly issued warrant
1983 lawsuit
Which of the following is a civil suit brought against federal government officials for denying the constitutional rights to life liberty and property without due process of law
Peace officers standards and training (POST) program
The official program of a state or legislative jurisdiction that sea standards for the training of law enforcement officers is known as the
Meat eating
Which type of police corruption identifies by the Kapp commission involved the active seeking of illicit money making opportunities by officers.
Educated officers are less likely to have disciplinary problems
Which of the following is true or better educated police officers.
According to the status of women in policing survey about what percentage of women fill all sworn law enforcement positions nationwide
Abuse of authority
Baker and cutter describe acts of corruption that occur most often to further the organizational goals of law enforcement as.
Saucier v Katz
Which of the following cases did the court establish a two pronged test for assessing constitutional violations by government agents
Hunter v Bryant
Which of the following cases did the court say that even law enforcement officials who reasonably but mistakenly conclude that probably cause is present are entitled to immunity
Are extremely devoted to their work
A research project on female officers in Massachusetts found that female officers
Police corruption
The abuse of police Authority for personal or organizational gain is called