Chapter 6, 7, & 31 Quiz

Which of the following statements concerning enzymes is false?
They increase the activation energy required for chemical reactions to proceed.
When we metabolize our food, we produce heat that helps to keep us warm. Which of the following best describes why?
When we break down our food, the reactions are not 100 percent efficient; therefore, energy is lost as heat.
Which of the following has the most entropy?
Which of the following is true of allosteric enzymes?
Their activity can be reduced when the product binds the enzyme.
The term aerobic means:
During cellular respiration, what molecule collects the majority of the electrons from the food that we eat?
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Cells capture the energy from food and store it in the form of:
Why do biologists believe glycolysis evolved before the Krebs cycle and the electron transport chain?
All organisms use glycolysis; not all use the Krebs cycle and the electron transport chain.
What is unusual about soy protein as opposed to other plant protein sources?
Soy protein has all essential amino acids in the proper proportions.
Which of the following is a complex carbohydrate that cannot be digested?
In a traditional food pyramid, which type of food would be closest to the base?
whole grain foods
Which of the following is a trace mineral?
Enzymes themselves are altered in the process of catalyzing chemical transformations.
Allosteric regulation depends on inhibitors binding to the active site of enzymes.
Links the study of energy to life
The study of energy
The breakdown of large molecules into smaller ones, with the release of energy
exergonic reaction
The building of larger molecules, requiring energy
endergonic reaction
Using the energy from the breakdown of molecules to fuel the construction of new molecules
coupled reaction
A source of chemical energy for metabolic processes
The energy required to initiate a chemical reaction
activation energy