Chapter 5 How Sociologists Do Research

Wayne is conducting a study on how the global economic crisis and unemployment are affecting the rate of college attendance in various countries. This sociological study is conducted on the, “blank” level.
This statement best highlights the relationship between human behavior and sociological research.
Sociological research can be on any human behavior.
Although some people would argue that we should rely on common sense when it comes to human behavior, why is sociological research important?
In order to answer questions about human behavior, we need to move beyond guesswork and common sense.
In comparison to sociological research, common sense is, “blank,” understanding social life.
an insufficient means of
A researcher finds the use of deodorant causes breast cancer. Subsequent studies by other researchers, however, have not replicated this finding. This researcher’s study lacks, “blank”.
Why is it important to share the results of your research even if your hypothesis is not proven?
Other researchers can then repeat your research to see if they come up with similar results.
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Before Jack begins his research on eating disorders, he must decide exactly what “eating disorder” entail in the context of his study. Jack needs an, “blank”?
Operational Definition, (Variable, term, or object)
The statement of what you expect to find according to predictions from a theory is known as the, “blank”.
Which of the following is the first basic step in scientific research?
Selecting a topic
Kayla decides that she would like to research eating disorder. She wants to determine how they begin in teenage American girls. Her next step in the research model is, “blank”.
Reviewing the Literature
When operational definitions measure what they are intended to measure, they are said to be (blank).
“Blank,” focuses on a single event, situation, or individual.
Case Study
In a, “blank,” everyone in your target population has the same chance of being included in the study.
Random Sample
One problem with the mean, is that it, “blank”.
is strongly influence by extreme scores
Participant observation is also known as, “blank.”
Karl wants to study the buying habits of other students at his university. What research method should Karl use?
Which of the following might Sudhir Venkatesh’s research with Chicago gangs imply about sociological research?
Researchers must understand the true nature of their work and know how fully they are willing to follow through.
Scully and Marolla feared that their interviews of rapists in prison might be affected by, “blank.”
Interviewer Bias
Gender is influenced in social research because, “blank.”
Gender is significant in our lives in general
Why did Laud Humphreys’ research on “tearooms” stir ethical controversy?
Humphreys’ misrepresented himself to his subjects.
What did Mario Brajuha do that made his research experiment famous?
He protected his subjects.
Humphreys’ research demonstrated the importance of, “blank.”
not misleading your research subjects
Which of the following did Humphreys’ research show about the nature of sociological study?
Human relationships and the means of studying them raise a wide range of ethical questions.
Which of the following statements best explains why a sociologist would not slip an unsuspecting soldier LSD, as was done in the 1960s.
Today, sociologists take human subjects’ ethics very seriously.
Mills argued that research is, “blank.”
useless without theory
One of the lessons of Scully and Marolla’s research on rapists is, “blank.”
Often the answers to sociological questions are not as simple as we might assume.
Which of the following is a drawback of using self-administered questionnaires?
Loss of control of the data collection
In his research, Ari is planning to use the, “blank,” method in which he asks subjects a series of questions about the topic.
For Kellan’s study, she would like to conduct a survey of first-time mothers in their thirties and forties. The, “blank,” method would work best for this study.
Stratified random sampling
Why do researchers generally use a sample from the population?
Generally, the population is too large to study completely; therefore, representative individuals are selected.
Which of the following is the most common measurement used to indicate, “average”?
Which of the following qualities is important to keep bias from affecting the data obtained in a survey?
The survey should contain neutral questions.
Participant observation might cause a dilemma for the researcher in, “blank.”
Trying to decide how involved to become with the people who are being observed.
Which of the following is a primary factor in influencing which method a sociologist will use in conducting research?
Access to the subject(s)
Why is a random sample considered important when doing research about a given target population?
A random sample will represent the target population most fairly.
The purpose of reviewing the literature concerning a topic before doing research is to, “blank.”
Identify areas of the problem that are already known.
Which of the following is forbidden by the ethical standards of sociology?
Allowing the falsification of the results of a study.
“Blank,” and, “Blank,” are the two basic techniques for administering questionnaires to respondents.
Self-administered questionnaires, and interviews
Which of the following sociologists conducted a study on rapists?
Diana Scully and Joseph Marolla
The second step of the research model involves, “blank.”
Specifying what the researcher wants to learn about a topic.