Chapter 3 Federalism

Which of the following is an example of a unitary system of government?
A) The federal government sets education polices for all schools.
Nations that adopt a federal arrangement tend to have…
A) diverse ethic or language groups.
A state government’s authority to regulate the safety health and morals of its citizens is called…
Which Constitutional clause has been central in debates over gay and lesbian marriage?
A)The full faith and credit clause
Which clauses of the Constitution involve the relationship among various states?
A) The full faith and credit clause and the privileges and immunities clause.
What is the main purpose behind the privileges and immunities clause of Article IV?
A) It prevents states from discriminating against nonresidents.
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If a state grants a city the ability to govern its own local affairs, this delegation of power is known as…
A) home rule
Which of the following statements about the structure of American Federalism is true?
A) It has contributed to the longevity of the US government by allowing many diverse policy decisions, such as the regulation of slavery, because the states did it themselves.
Which clause of the Constitution has been critical in allowing the growth of national power?
A) the commerce clause
What was the overall importance of the Supreme Court case Mc Culloch V. Maryland?
A) The court interpreted the delegated powers of Congress broadly, crating the potential for increased national powers.
The power of Congress to regulate commerce with foreign national among the several states, and with Indian tribes is found in_______ of the Constitution.
A) Article I
Which of the following statements best describes the discussion of local government found in the Constitution?
A) Local government has no status in the Constitution
Why were local governments important during the early years of the Republic?
A) State Administration was often weak.
Which of the following economic polices was the national government allowed to implement during the nineteenth century?
A) establishing a series of national banks
The constitutional idea of states’ rights was strongest during which historical period?
A) the years immediately preceding the Civil War
Why was the Supreme Court case United States V. Lopez important?
A) It was the first time since the New Deal that the Supreme Court limit the power of congress outlined under the commerce clause.
Which of the following Supreme Court cases limited Federal Power?
A) United States V. Lopez and Printz V. United States
During the Great Depression, a camp of unemployed individuals who had lost their homes was referred to as a…
A) Hooverville
When the national government appropriates money to the states but simultaneously demands the authority to dictate its distribution this money is identified as…
A) a grant-in-aid
A federal grant for states to afford increasing health care-facilities would be an example of a…
A) categorical grant
Disapproval of unfunded mandates is most common among those who want…
A) to reduce the power of the federal government
What is one of the biggest problems with federal block grants?
A) There is a need for a greater accountability in how the founds are actually spend by the states.
What is the purpose of the Tenth Amendment?
B) to limit the powers of the central government by establishing reserved powers for
states and individuals
Which of the following describes constitutionally permitted relationships between the states?
B) No state shall enter into a contract or agreement with another state without the
approval of Congress.
During the era of dual federalism, what was the primary goal of the federal government’s domestic
B) to assist the development of commercial activity within and between the states
Which level of government writes the majority of criminal laws?
b. the state governments
How did the traditional system of dual federalism establish a “commercial republic”?
b. The function of the federal government was to promote and assist commerce.
During most of the nineteenth century, Congress used its powers to __________
b. facilitate
Which statement best describes the Supreme Court’s trend in interpreting federalism since the
b. The Court has limited the power of the national government over the state
Which president presided over the New Deal?
b. Franklin Roosevelt
The term “marble cake” federalism is meant to refer to what development?
b. intergovernmental cooperation blurring the lines between different layers of government
The form of federal assistance called __________ provides money to state governments with no strings
b. general revenue sharing
The Tenth Amendment of the United States Constitution addresses
b. reserved powers.
Federal laws concerning crime mostly deal with
b. the District of Columbia and other federal territories.
The United States, Canada and Switzerland can all be described as_______systems of government while France can be described as a _______
B) Federal Unitary
The Federal system can be best defined as…
b) a system of government in which power is divided between a national government and lower levels of government.
The specific powers granted to the national government in Article I. See section 8. of the Constitution is the _____________ clause
b) expressed powers
Which of the following has not been an important contractual topic between states?
b) State Passport requirements
Which statement best describes American Federalism since the 1930 s?
Although the federal government has grown significantly more powerful since the 1930 s, some power has been returned to states in recent years.
The ____ ____ ____ ____ clause of the Constitution requires that states should normally recognize the laws, acts, and judicial decisions of other states.
b) full faith and credit clause
According to the text, when was the era of dual federalism?
b) from the ratification of the Constitution until the new deal.
What was a major reason for the declining importance of state governments during the 1960 s?
b) The national government distrusted states due to racism in the south.
Which statement best describes the Supreme Court’s trend in interpreting federalism since the mid-1990 s?
b) The Court has limited the power of the national government over the state government.
What have many political scientists called “laboratories of democracy?
b) The states
One argument for a strong federal government is its role in ensuring ______ across states.
b) Equality
In a federal system a majority of governmental responsibilities are
shared by both state and federal authorities.
Chartering banks is a _________ power, because both federal and state governments have the authority
to do it.
c. concurrent
When Alaska passed a law in the 1970s that gave state residents preference over nonresidents in
obtaining work on oil pipelines, this law violated the
c. privileges and immunities clause.
Gibbons v. Ogden (1824) was important because it
a. fully developed the concept of judicial review.
c. established the supremacy of the national government in all matters affecting
What was the “Southern Manifesto”?
c. the refusal by southern congressmen in 1956 to obey Supreme Court decisions outlawing racial segregation
__________ describes the strategy of delegating a policy program to a lower level of government.
c. Devolution
A __________ grant requires state and local governments to submit proposals to the federal government
c) Project
When the national government funds a project that is actually implemented by the states, it is an example
c. cooperative federalism.
Federal officials seeking to give state governments more authority are most likely to support
c. block grants.
Many of the debates concerning federalism reflect
c. differing views about the ultimate goal of government itself.
Which of the following is not a contractual topic between states?
Who wrote the Supreme Court opinions in both McCulloch v. Maryland and Gibbons v. Ogden?
c. John Marshall
The full faith and credit clause of the Constitution
c) requires states to normally honor each other’s public acts and legal decisions.
Which is the best example of a concurrent power under the federal Constitution?
The power to regulate commercial activity
In ____ the Supreme Court reinterpreted the commerce clause changing it from a check on national power to a source of national power.
c) 1973
What has been the main problem posed for U.S states by international trade agreements?
c) These agreements often limit the regulatory authority of states
When the federal government sets environmental standards that every state must follow, it is an example of
c) Regulated federalism
The principle of ____ grants the federal government the power to override any state or local law in one particular area of politic
c) Preemption
If the federal government compels state governments to obey costly regulations but does not reimburse those costs it is called an…
c) unfunded mandate
Which of the following was not a function of government most commonly performed by state governments during the era of dual federalism?
c) patents and copy rights
Block grants are designed to:
c) give the states considerable say in how the money should be spent.
Using block grants to return power to the states was part of the Nixon and Reagan administrations
c) New federalism
What constitutional clause affirms that national laws and treaties, made under the authority of the Constitution, are the supreme law of the land?
d)Supreme Clause
When both state and national government possess certain level of authority is called…
d) a concurrent power
The privileges and immunities clause of Article IV is also referred to as the…
d) Comity Clause
Those seeking to restrain the powers of the national government look to what part of the Constitution?
c) The Ten Amendment
Which constitutional amendment has been used to restrict the scope of authority by the federal government over the states?
d) Tenth
Which event was most influential in the rise of a more active national government?
d) The Great Depression
Congressional grants paid for ____ percent of the development of an interstate highway after World War II.
d) 90
Which president was the first to promote New Federalism?
e) Richard Nixon
Which of the following powers do state government not have?
F) to coin their own money