Chapter 3: Exam Review

Why did President Jefferson send Lewis and Clark West?
To explore newly acquired US Territory.
Which of the following men was most in favor of seizing land from Mexico?
James K. Polk
For which action is Nat Turner famous?
Leading a slave revolt
What did the abolition movement promote?
Ending slavery
Between which two countries did the Adams-Onies treaty of 1819 settle boundaries?
Spain and the United States
In Which year did Ohio become a US state?
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Which current state entered US territory as a result of the Adams-Onis Treaty?
T/F: The purpose of the Lewis and Clark expedition was to conquer new territory for the united states?
False- explore
T/F: During the 1830’s, Lowell mill owners lengthen the workday and cut the pay of workers.
T/F: With the invention of Cyrus McCormick’s telegraph, nearly instantaneous communication was possible.
False- Samuel Moorse
T/F: The case of commonwealth v Hunt established the right of workers to strike
T/F: In 1800, Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr tied in the first congressional vote, exposing a flaw in the electoral process
False- electoral college
T/F: The American system aimed, in part, to prevent Russia from establishing permanent settlements in California
False- Monroe Doctrine
T/F: The Eric Canal connected the Atlantic Ocean in the Great Lakes
T/F: The annexation of Texas was delayed because of sectional conflicts over the ratification of the state constitution
False- Because of the issue of slavery
The Supreme Court’s ruling in Marbury v Madison ensured that
The legislature could not interpret the Constitution any way it chose.
The Monroe Doctrine was a large response to
European nations’ interest in colonies in North and South America
Under Mexican rule, Texas appealed to American settlers mainly because of it’s
Cheap land
All of the following present-day states were ceded to the united states in the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo