Chapter 23 & 24

When was “Black Tuesday”?
October 1929
What helped to contribute to the Great Depression?
The stock market crash, the unequal distribution of wealth, lack of diversification of industries, and international debt structure
In April, Hoover proposed an act that established, for the first time, a government bureaucracy to help farmers maintain prices. This act/bill would administer a budget of $500 million from which it could make loans to national cooperatives or establish corporations to buy surpluses and raise prices. This was known as:
The Agricultural Marketing Act
What was Dale Carnegie’s self-help manual?
How to Win Friends and Influence People
A schism was created in the American Federation of Labor and caused a new labor union to emerge called the CIO because:
The AFL leadership remained committed to the idea of craft union
Franklin Roosevelt promised the people a
New Deal
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Who protested in DC in 1932 and built tent cities?
Bonus Army
FDR’s plan to “reform” the Supreme Court by increasing the number of justices was called
“Court packing”
What did women do during the Depression to earn money?
Take in laundry, sell baked goods, take in boarders
In Schechter v. United States the Supreme Court struck down
What is “Keynesianism?”
Pumping money back into the economy
Roosevelt called for a Bank Holiday which
Closed all American banks for days
The New Deal project launched to supply electricity to the southeast was the
Tennessee Valley Authority
How much did farm income decline between 1929 and 1932?
What did the Agriculture Adjustment Act do?
Raise prices if farm commodities, favored large farmers over small ones, taxed food processing
What most accurately describes the relief, recovery, and reform measures of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal?
They represented a major change in the role of the government
Which is the most valid generalization to be drawn from the study of Prohibition in the US?
Social attitudes can make laws difficult to reinforce
What was Walt Disney’s first cartoon in 1928?
Steamboat Willie
Which action would the Federal Reserve Board most likely to stimulate economic growth?
Lowering interest rates on loans to member banks
President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s clashes the US Supreme Court over his New Deal programs best illustrate
Separation of the powers in operation
The Scottsboro case had to do with
9 black teenagers accused of raping a white woman
International debt existed because of
High protective tariffs and foreign nations defaulting on loans
What is the main belief of the Black Shirts?
Available jobs should go to the white people first
Which was one of Hollywood’s most famous movie directors (on yellow pages??)?
Frank Capra
Regarding a certain sociological study: how did Muncie, Indiana change when the sociologists returned in the 1930’s?
Their values had not changed much if at all
Where did the Hindenburg crash?
New Jersey
Which tariff increased protection of 75% of farm products?
Which law established a national minimum wage and 40 hour work week?
Fair Labor Standards Act
What was John Steinbeck’s book on the social conditions during the Great Depression entitled?
Grapes of Wrath
Which New Deal act gave the government authority to curb irresponsible speculation by banks?
Glass-Steagull Act