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Chapter 21: Printers and Hardware or Software

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thermal printing
A type of line printer that uses wax-based ink, which is heated by heat pins that melt the ink onto paper.
imaging drum
An electrically charged rotating drum found in laser printers.
toner vacuum
a vacuum cleaner designed to pick up toner used in laser printers and does not allow it to touch any conductive surface.
raw data
Data sent to a printer without any formatting or processing.
default printer
The designated printer to which Windows prints unless another printer is selected
services console
a console used by Windows to stop, start, and manage background services used by Windows and applications.
print server
Hardware or software that manages the print jobs sent to one or more printers on a network.
transfer belt
A laser printer component that completes the transferring step in the printer.
The process of checking and correcting the graduations of an instrument or device such as an inkjet printer.
print spooler
A queue for print jobs.
print head
The part in an inkjet or impact printer that moves across the paper, creating one line of the image with each pass.
laser printer
A type of printer that uses a laser beam to control how toner is placed on the page and then uses heat to fuse the toner to the page.
transfer roller
A soft, black roller in a laser printer that puts a positive charge on the paper. The charge pulls the toner from the drum onto the paper.
duplex printer
A printer that is able to print on both sides of the paper.
raster line
A row in the bitmap that represents a page that has been rendered and is ready for printing.
impact printer
A type of printer that creates a printed page by using a mechanism that touches or hits the paper.
A printer language developed by Adobe Systems which tells a printer how to print a page.
impact printer
A type of printer that creates a printed page by using a mechanism that touches or hits the paper.
Placing print jobs in a print queue so that an application can be released from the printing process before printing is completed

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