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Chapter 2 Quiz

Which theorist is associated with the developmental model that emphasizes changes in attitudes toward death during different psychosocial stages?
Erik Erikson
The attitude “it can’t happen to me” is typically characteristic of
In a study of nursery rhymes, approximately what percentage dealt with death or mistreatment?
“All that in human society which is socially rather than biologically transmitted” is
Through socialization, younger members of a society acquire knowledge from older generations.
Only in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries have adults sung lullabies to children.
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Encounters with violent death do not alter a child’s understanding of death.
According to social learning theory, people learn how to behave as member of a society through conditioning.
When asked, “What makes things die?” a child responds, “You can die if you swallow a dirty bug.” According to Piaget’s theory, this child is probably in the pre-operational developmental stage?
Most younger children believe death is reversible.