Chapter 19 Degraw U.S. History

In the late 19th century, the most striking feature of the American party system was its
remarkable stability
An examination of American voters in the 19th century reveals
voter turnout for both presidential and nonpresidential elections was very high
in the 19th century, democrats tended to attract the greater numbers of
The Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890
was used by the federal government against labor unions.
throughout the late 19th century, the federal government
was relatively inactive
the political battles between stalwarts and half-breeds constituted a fight
between traditionalists and reformers
Chester A. Arthur
supported the Pendleton Act as part of civil service reform
Samuel Burchard’s “rum, Romanism, and rebellion” speech during the election of 1884 most hurt
James G. Blaine
The election of 1888
involved clear economic differences between the major parties
In the late 19th century, the issue of primary interest to the Republican Party was
supporting high tariffs
In 1892, President Grover Cleveland
followed policies similar to those of his first term
The Interstate Commerce Act of 1887
all of the above
What statement regarding the national Grange movement is False?
it was greatly strengthened by the end of the economic depression in the late 1870s
The election of 1892
saw the debut of the People’s Party
In 1892 the People’s Party called for
a government network of crop, warehouses
the Panic of 1893
triggered the nation’s most severe depression up to that point
In 1894 jacob coxey and his supporters
called for a public works program for the unemployed
in 1873, the congressional law that officially discontinued silver coinage
became known to critics as the crime of 73
the sherman silver purchase act of 1890 called for the federal government to
purchase silver but not coin it
as the republican party approached the 1896 election, they were
confident of victory
the cross of gold speech was given in 1896 by
william jennings bryan
in the campaing of 1896, president william mckinley
campaigned largely from his house
in 1896, the major economic issue for william mckinley’s administration was
the need for higher tariff rates
american agriculture at the turn of the century benefited from
foreign crop failures
arguments used by social darwinists in the United States to justify expansionism
contended that all nations were engaged in a constant struggle to survive
The author of The Influence of Sea Power upon History believed the United States
should take possession of the Hawaiian Islands
Prior to its annexation by the US in 1898, hawaii
had witnessed a revolution staged by American planters
the leader of hawaii who was forced to yield authority to the american government upon annexation was
queen Liliuokalani
In the late 19th century, the US interest in Samoa saw competition from
The Spanish-American War began primarily because of events in
In 1898, pressure for the american entry into war in cuba came from
In reporting the sinking of the maine, the new york journal, and the new york world
made shameless appeals to patriotism and moral outrage
in 1898 a letter stolen from dupuy de lome, spains minister to washington, was controversial because it
described william mckinley as a weak president
the American politician who referred to the Spanish American conflict as a splendid little war was
john hay
The bulk of US soldiers in the Spanish American war came from
national guard units
In the early stage of the Spanish American war, Commodore George Dewey destroyed the Spanish fleet in
manila bay
Which of the following statements about the Lares Rebellion in False?
it prompted spain to give puerto rico to the US
The greatest American debate over the consequences of the Spanish American war involved
the status of the Philippines
Criticism within the US of American colonialism included all the following except
the financial costs of administering colonies would require burdensome taxes
In the Spanish-American War, Theodore Roosevelt’s famous charge in the battle of San Juan Hill
has been considered bold and reckless, was a minor part of the battle, actually took place on Kettle Hill, resulted in nearly a hundred Americans dead or wounded (All these answers are correct.)
The Treaty of Paris concluding the Spanish-American War
transferred the Philippines and Puerto Rico to the United States.
In the early twentieth century, Cuba
was occupied by troops from the United States for years at a time.
In 1899, supporters of the annexation of the Philippines argued the US had set a precedent for taking
the federal governments treatment of american indians
in the early 1900s which american dependency did not receive territorial status
according to the terms of the 1901 platt amendment
the US had the right to intervene in cuba to protect life and property
Beginning in 1898 the American war in the philippines
lasted for years and resulted in thousands of american deaths
the first civilian governor of the philippines who gave Filipinos broad local autonomy was
william howard taft
the open door notes
were directed to imperial powers in Europe and Asia
In 1900, the Chinese Boxer Rebellion was directed at
all foreigners in China
The man appointed to supervise a major overhaul of the armed forces was
Elihu Root