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chapter 19 apush

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In the 1890s, the interest in American expansion overseas was motivated by
fears that domestic natural resources would soon be in limited supply
Arguments used by Social Darwinists in the United States to justify expansionism
contended all nations were engaged in a constant struggle to survive.
The author who called on the United States to increase its naval forces in his book, The Influence of Sea Power upon History, was
Alfred T. Mahan
The author of The Influence of Sea Power upon History believed the United States
should take possession of the Hawaiian Islands.
In 1895, the United States and Great Britain were involved in a serious boundary dispute involving British Guiana and
Prior to its annexation by the United States in 1898, Hawaii
was largely governed by a monarchy
When Hawaii was annexed in 1898
American marines were used to carry out the action
In the late nineteenth century, the United States' interest in Samoa saw competition from
The Spanish-American War began primarily because of events in
In 1898, pressure for the American entry into war in Cuba came from
Cuban émigrés living in the United States.
In the late nineteenth century, the term "yellow press" referred to
(all the above) a sensationalist style of reporting news.
the lavish use of color in newspapers.
an effort by newspapers to appeal to a mass market.
In reporting the sinking of the Maine, the New York Journal and the New York World
were highly sensational and biased.
In 1898, a letter stolen from Dupuy de Lome, Spain's minister to Washington, was controversial because it
described William McKinley as a weak president.
Later evidence related to the explosion that sank the Maine suggested the likely cause was
an accident in an engine room.
Which of the following statements regarding the Spanish-American War is FALSE

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