chapter 15 practice test

Liana does not impose rules on her children and pays very little attention to them. Which style of child rearing does she follow?
Which style of child rearing promotes an achievement orientation and autonomy in adolescents?
What percentage of grandparents are classified as involved, and take on active, parent-like roles?
16 percent
About what percentage of remarried couples divorce?
60 percent
How common are severe psychological disorders among individuals who abuse children?
about 1 in 10 individuals who abuse children have severe psychological disorders
Which statement best describes the empty nest syndrome?
For most couples, it takes less than ________ year(s) for perceptions of the marital relationship to become less favorable.
Which statement is true of sibling relationships?
older siblings serve as the principal caregivers for infant and toddler siblings in more than half of cultures studied
According to most developmental theorists, what is the key developmental task of adolescence?
Which statement best describes the transactional model?
the transactional model focuses on how parents and children influence each other reciprocally over time
Which statement best describes the impact of fathers on child development?
children fare better if they have a warm involved father, but much the same can be said of the second parent figure, male or female
What percentage of children of divorce have psychological issues as young adults?
25 percent
What model views the family as embedded in larger social systems?
Reggie and Laura are the parents of a male infant. What aspect of the parent-child relationship is likely to be different for each of them?
style of interaction
What style of child rearing is associated with working-class parents?
What is a critical part of a healthy adolescent-parent relationship?
Which infant characteristic is most associated with a higher likelihood of abuse?
Among women aged 65 and over, what percent are living with their husbands?
42 percent
In general, how do gay and lesbian couples compare to heterosexual couples?
gay and lesbian couples have more egalitarian relationships
In general, what effect does having children have on the marital relationship?
slightly negative