Chapter 15 MKTG 199

Social media monitoring is the process of monitoring, tracking and evaluating a brand’s social media marketing activities.

True or False

When presenting a social media marketing plan to an organization’s top executives, why is it important to include a detailed budget request?

A.) It ties spending to identified KPIs.

B.) It illustrates that social media is less expensive than traditional marketing.

C.) It shows how the overall social media budget will be spent.

D.)It shows you’ve spent time figuring out how specific tactics cost.

E.) It is an important part of calculating ROI.

When presenting a social media marketing plan to management for approval, it is important to include a timetable for reaching milestones as a way to illustrate the time required to achieve a particular objective.

True or False

Personas are part of which stage in the Social Media Marketing Planning Cycle?

A.) Target audience

B.) Strategies

C.) Goals

D.) Tune

E.) Competitive Intelligence

A Social Media SWOT Analysis is an important part of a social media marketing plan because it can help an organization assess its brand health in relation to the competition.

True or False

What is one potential effect of too much cross-utilization of content?

A.) Repurposing the same content might be seen as lazy.

B.) Social media users might not engage with the content if they saw it on another platform.

C.) It might be seen as spam by search engines.

D.)It might reduce referral website traffic.

E.) The competition might repurpose the content.

The most successful social media marketing efforts result from having the marketing and public relations teams lead the conversation.

True or False

The implementation phase includes identifying which staff will handle the content and tactics for specific social media platforms.

True or False

Why is brand health an important part of the listening phase?

A.) It is integral to sentiment analysis.

B.) It helps a company identify its current social media presence, and serves as a starting point for strategy development.

C.) It shows how a company’s social presence compares to its competition.

D.) It is like a doctor’s appointment for a brand, something that should be done every year.

E.)It is a useful way to identify Key Performance Indicators for specific social media platforms.

Tuning is:

A.) Part of the monitoring process

B.) Not relevant to a company that has clearly defined KPIs

C.) Is a way to identify personas

D.) Helps a company assess its progress in implementing its social media marketing strategies.

E.) The ongoing process of adjusting a social media marketing plan to ensure its goals are achieved.

A company should not select social media platforms until it has clearly identified its target audience and its behaviors.

True or False

When a company is identified as being in the intermediate stage of social media, it

A.) Is focusing on monitoring the social web to create a social media plan.

B.) Is in a position to use management systems to create engaged communities on various platforms.

C.)Has an average annual budget of $1.364 million for social media marketing.

D.)Has a clearly defined social media policy.

E.) Is ready to invest in social customer relations management (SCRM).

When setting goals for a social media marketing plan, it is important to:

A.) Identify goals correctly the first time since revisions are not recommended.

B.) Identify those goals that will achieve a competitive advantage for the company.

C.) Identify specific social media platforms for each goal.

D.) Ensure the goals are achievable.

E.) Be ambitious.

Why is an executive summary an important element of a social media marketing plan?

A.) It helps the reader appreciate the full value of the document.

B.) It helps the reader find specific sections of the social media marketing plan.

C.) It makes the social media marketing plan stand out.

D.) It provides a first impression and highlights the primary benefits of the social media marketing plan.

E.) It is intended to serve as a summary in case the reader doesn’t have time for the entire document.

In some cases it is possible to determine which social media platforms a persona will most likely frequent by examining the behavior of the target audience.

True or False

Which SWOT Matrix strategy would be one where a company focused on overcoming weaknesses in its social media profiles in order to follow new opportunities in both new and existing social media platforms?

A.) W-T Strategy

B.) S-O Strategy

C.) S-T Strategy

D.) W-O Strategy

E.) W-S Strategy

Creating a vanity URL for a Facebook page is an example of:

A.) Measuring

B.) Engagement

C.) Creating content

D.) Tracking


Free monitoring tools are useful for:

A.) Calculating customer satisfaction KPI formulas.

B.) Qualitative measurements.

C.) Observing what people are saying about a brand.

D.) Evaluating the effectiveness of social media tactics.

E.) Measuring branding efforts.

The overview of a social media marketing plan should start off with a reasoned argument for making the required investment to implement the proposed plan.

True or False

A Social Media SWOT Analysis:

A.) Is an important part of the monitoring phase of the social media marketing planning cycle.

B.) Is something found just after the overview in a social media marketing plan.

C.) Measures brand health.

D.) Assesses a company’s social media presence.

E.) Can help a company conduct a competitive analysis of the social web.

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